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Minecraft PE 1.15 - Nether Update

For the first time, developers are creating the last two betas (1.13 and 1.14) and at the same time they are announcing the next update, which relates to the whole dimension. Do you remember the last time Mojang updated the Minecraft PE dimensions? Probably Nether Update will become the most global in the history of the game and provide players with the opportunity to choose where to survive.

What is Nether Update?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.15 is tasked with transforming the dimension into something living with its own terms and conditions. The Nether will no longer be so boring and dull and instead of the usual mini-world we will get a completely independent dimension with biomes, local inhabitants, loot and even weather conditions.

Minecraft PE 1.15 - Nether Update

New biomes:

Perhaps it is the new biomes that are the key part of the update when it is created. Now the Nether consists of many biomes and they are quite creepy. Playing in the Overworld you can travel through forests, plains, deserts and tundras. Each of them is unique in its kind and the Nether will get something like that. Of course, that dimension will not get 16 biomes at once, but they will be enough for the Nether to be shaped like a huge world.

Soulsand Valley

This biome has already been recreated working on the addons features in Minecraft PE. You can find it on our website and evaluate what may appear in MCPE 1.15. The presented biome is a place where giant creatures used to live, but now it is a burial ground with their remains.

Minecraft PE 1.15
Minecraft PE 1.15
Instead of red, a blue fire burns here, feeding on the soulsand. In the distance you will only see turquoise fog and suspense. Very often stalactites are found underfoot if you suddenly decide to visit this biome. This is one of the mysterious biomes in Minecraft.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.15
Minecraft Bedrock 1.15

Blue NetherWart Forest

Uhh, finally the Nether will gain real flora and fauna and become livable. Not everyone can live in such a creep place daily listening to the cries of local residents. But anyway, players who want to live there will be able to extract resources in the Netherwart Forest. Trees, few plants, and even new mushrooms will grow in this biome.

Blue NetherWart Forest
Blue NetherWart Forest
Blue NetherWart Forest
Blue NetherWart Forest

Red NetherWart Forest

Biomes differ not only in color but also in local flora. Mushrooms also grow here, and Piglins can inhabit. Surviving there, you better stock up on food and resources since the Nether is a pretty hard place to live with a minimal amount of food.

MCPE 1.15
MCPE 1.15

Other biomes:

With high probability, Minecraft PE 1.15 will not be limited to the biomes presented above and will receive a few more or synthesize them and give something new. According to the developers, Nether Update should turn the dimension into a real world.

New 1.15 Mobs:

1. Piglins

The updated dimension has lost one of the old mobs. Now zombie pigmen are only part of the game’s history and new ones will appear instead. One of them is a piglin who loves gold and will not give it to anyone. Piglins live in small structures next to their chests where their jewelry is stored. In the normal state, Piglins are neutral towards players, but only until you open their chests.

Piglins Minecraft PE 1.15
Piglins Minecraft PE 1.15

Piglins Features

Inhabit only the Nether
Wearing gold armor
Live in small structures
Guard their chests
They love everything that consists of gold
Can team up
Some of them are able to trade
Hunt new hoglins

Piglins Minecraft
Piglins Minecraft

2. Hoglins

Previous updates of Minecraft Bedrock introduced bull-like animals. The Nether will not stand aside and will also receive a new animal living only there. They are the Hoglins and they are wild animals roaming some biomes in 1.15. Today it is known that Hoglins are a food source for both players and Piglins.

Hoglins Minecraft
Hoglins Minecraft

3. Mountain Goats

So far, it is not known exactly which update the Mountain Goats belong to. It is possible that they will become one of the features of the 1.14 Bee update. In any case, Mojang confirmed the fact that the mountain goats will appear in the near future.

Hoglins Minecraft PE
Hoglins Minecraft PE
Hoglins Minecraft PE
Hoglins Minecraft PE
Hoglins Minecraft PE

New blocks:

1. Target Block

This is a mechanism interacting with redstone. Its functionality was demonstrated at Minecon, where the fan community appreciated it very joyfully. The target is intended not only as a place for shooting ranges but also as a signal sender.

Depending on where you get your arrow (the closer to the center the stronger the signal), the redstone signal will be amplified. The target can complement many mechanisms in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.15 from simple bonuses for an accurate shot to siege weapons.

What is the result?

As you can see, Minecraft PE 1.15 is a wonderful update that we will definitely wait. Even more features will become available after the release of today's beta starting from 1.13.

1.15 Nether Update Changelog:

New Biomes:

1. Soulsand Valley
2. Red NetherWart Forest
3. Blue NetherWart Forest

New Mobs:

1. Hoglins
2. Piglins
3. Mountain Goats

New Blocks:

1. Target Block
2. Stalactites
3. Blue Nether Wart
4. Nether Terrain Blocks
5. Blue Fire
6. New Soulsand Block 

New structures:

1. Animal Remains
2. Piglins Houses

New Plants and Food:

1. Nether Plants
2. Nether Mushrooms
3. Hoglins Drop

Minecraft PE 1.15 Release Date:

With a high probability, MCPE 1.15.0 will be released in the early spring of 2020. Perhaps this will happen in the late winter of 2019, but it is unlikely that we can count on this year.

Download Minecraft PE 1.15 - Nether Update (Not Released)


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