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The traditional second branch 1.12 is open! As usual without warnings and major announcements, Mojang has released a new version. It does not have a clear name and does not refer to the next update after the Village & Pillage Update. Minecraft PE 1.12 is a continuation of 1.11 and finishes its development. But before you go to it, you should know that it is aimed at addons and addon-makers, there are no global changes related to gameplay.

Minecraft PE Changelog:

Mobs are louder during raids
New Village & Pillage background
Some changes in addon building

Minecraft PE Changelog:

The Marketplace button in the main menu
Spawn_rules folder for addon creators
Small scripting changes

Minecraft PE Changelog:

Now addons allow you to add new blocks and items, biomes, ores and more!
Auto-complete function for command blocks
SpawnRadius (this rule allows you to increase spawn radius)
Many changes for custom servers
Command blocks received the delay function
Containers (inventory, armor and item in hand) can be changed by scripts
Now animations can have sound
Mobs can play animation only once if the feature is on
And many other addons features

Addons are now like mods:

Everyone has been waiting for this for a long time and finally the developers have introduced the first version of smart add-ons with wide capabilities. The main feature of MCPE 1.12 is the fact that now any addon-maker can add his own unique block or item, similar to what is implemented in BlockLauncher or Inner Core or any other mod.

This means that soon we will see large-scale addons that add tons of new content without using third-party launchers. It is quite clear that at the moment Minecraft BE 1.12 add-ons will not be able to compete with mods as many features are still in development. But anyway, this update laid the foundation for creating a completely new game content capable of completely changing the game.

Download Minecraft PE

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