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Minecraft Changelog


  • Added copper ore to world generation  
  • Added copper ingots, which can be obtained by smelting copper ore in a furnace  
  • Added copper blocks
  • Copper blocks can be crafted from copper Ingots  
  • Copper, cut copper, cut copper stairs, and cut copper slabs exist in the game and can be accessed from the creative items inventory  
  • Cut copper blocks can be crafted from copper blocks  
  • Copper blocksslabs, and stairs can now oxidize to various degrees  
  • Copper blocks have dedicated sounds when interacted with  
  • Copper blocksstairs, and slabs that are not fully oxidized can be waxed either by using a honeycomb item on them, by using the crafting grid, or by using a dispenser loaded with honeycombs  
  • Drowned drop copper ingots instead of gold ingots 

Lightning Rod 

  • Added lightning rods!  
  • Lightning rods can be crafted using copper ingots in a crafting table  
  • The lightning rod now interacts with lightning strikes:  
  • All lightning strikes that happen within a radius of 64 blocks from a lightning rod will strike the lightning rod 
  • Throwing a channeling trident at a lightning rod during a thunderstorm will spawn a lightning strike in the rod 
  • lightning rod struck by lightning will emit a full redstone signal for 8 game ticks

Bug Fixes 


  • Keyboard inputs can now adjust slider settings when the cursor is outside the UI frame  
  • Screen Reader now informs the player when the "Chat Settings" menu has been opened  
  • Fixed a bug where UI screen reader did not read the permission toggles' titles on the Permissions Screen  
  • Screen Reader now reads Whisper and Announcement messages 

Performance and Stability 

  • Improved the smoothness of UI transition animations
  • Improved performance for actors using TemptGoal   


  • Fixed an issue that preventing player interaction after using the '/clone' command on a double chest block
  • Using the '/clone' command to clone a block of the same type is no longer treated as a failed operation
  • Fixed players taking fall damage when opening Shulker Boxes
  • Nether Brick now gives XP from being smelted
  • All mobs that use a melee attack have had their ability to hit targets above and below them restored 
  • The target still must be within melee attack distance to be hit 
  • This only affects world versions greater than or equal to 1.16.210  
  • Redstone Dust is now displayed as "Redstone Dust" instead of "Redstone"   

Graphical and User Interface 

  • Tool and armor recipes now display the selected item background when selected in the recipe list  
  • Wireframe of a structure block in the Overworld will no longer render in Nether and The End
  • Audio sliders will now always highlight when hovered over with a mouse  
  • Durability bar is now visible when holding items with decreased durability in a window
  • Added more helpful Video Settings messages for ray tracing on supported and non-supported platforms  

Structure block 

  • Structure blocks no longer auto-save the data when structure name text box is deselected
  • The scoreboard data of an entity is no longer removed if the entity is being teleported to an unloaded area of the world  
  • Teleporting away from a structure animation to unload it no longer causes the game to crash   

Commands, Scripting, and Add-ons 

  • A warning now appears when attempting to move a locked item in and from containers

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