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Minecraft Changelog


We are excited to introduce the first Caves and Cliffs feature in this week's beta - The Goat! Goats will be behind a new Experimental Features Toggle - you will need to enable this to be able to test them out.

  • The goat will spawn in extreme hills biomes for now, until we prepare a permanent place for them to live and practice their head-butting skills
  • Goats are the mountain kings. They can climb mountains and rough terrain, and take reduced fall damage
  • They love to jump - usually when you’re least expecting it!
  • Beware! They are mischievous and might knock intruders off the mountainside!
  • Goats may drop a horn item if they ram into a tree

Powder Snow!

  • Added powder snow block
    • Enable the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle to test powder snow out in this week's beta!
    • This block is currently only available through the creative inventory
  • Leather boots make it easier for players to traverse powder snow
  • Entities can enter powder snow blocks, but their movement is slowed down while inside, and fall damage is ignored
  • Goats are smart enough to avoid powder snow blocks when pathing
  • Powder Snow blocks have a slightly different texture than regular snow blocks
  • When the camera is inside a powder snow block fog is rendered around it and an overlay texture is rendered on it

Bug Fixes

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Large numbers of scheduled instant updates should no longer crash the game
  • Fixed occasional crash when going through a portal or flying around
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur while flying or moving around the game world


  • Only preview items will be shown in crafting screen when auto crafting an item on controller. This prevents rapid updates of the recipe book
  • Fixed a bug where End Portal blocks were not removed after an End Portal Frame block is destroyed. Filled blocks other than end portal blocks will remain in place
  • Fixed paperdoll such that it can now always be rotated with the mouse when in the dressing room


  • Emote wheel now supports the screen reader
  • Fixed a bug where UI screen reader did not read the screen title and shortcut buttons on the Invite to game Screen
  • Fixed an issue where the screen reader was not reading updates often enough on some devices
  • Fixed the screen reader so messages with controller icons in the Chat Screen are read correctly
  • UI Screen Reader now reads the Open Chat Message while Text To Speech For Chat is turned off


  • Double chests no longer lose contents when reloading the world
  • Compass is no longer consumed when used on a Lodestone in creative mode
  • Cocoa Pods generated in jungle now generate in the proper direction
  • Signs no longer replace decorations when attempting to place in the same space as the decoration
  • Right-clicking a snow block with a shovel no longer breaks the snow block
  • Dirt paths (formerly grass path) can now be made by using a shovel on dirt, podzol, mycelium or course dirt (as well as grass)
  • Updated the Netherite leggings texture
  • Twisting Vines can no longer be placed on Composter blocks while sneaking


  • Villagers will no longer steal workstations from each other
  • Mobs no longer randomly stop attacking and following their targets
  • Piglins that are close together can no longer pick up the same item if it's dropped between them
  • Mobs no longer spawn in Wither Roses
  • Bees now only exit at the front of Bee Hives and Bee Nests


  • /playsoundcommands now play the sound correctly for all players in range
  • /effect command duration is now capped at 1,000,000 seconds
  • Add ticking area commands performed in the same tick now disallow adding areas with the same name twice
  • Placeholder text message for the /titleraw command success no longer returns to player
  • FadeOutargument is no longer ignored in /title's times command

Graphics, Textures, and User Interface

  • Update Zombified Piglin texture to remove flickering of loincloth
  • "Classic Controls - Intense" font color now matches the surrounding text in VR Controls menu
  • [X] button in Chat Settings is no longer present when using a controller
  • Profile screen has been improved, now characters will be visible and can be selected or modified as soon as they load
  • Fixed a bug where the visual focus indicator was lost when hovering on tabs
  • Glowsticks no longer use placeholder textures (Education Feature)
  • Loading screen tips won't display the key "tips.game.62"
  • Avoid purchasing Realm if player cancels out of "Purchase History Needed" dialog

Scripting, Add-Ons, and Technical Changes

  • Change set_block and set_block_at_pos to use BlockDescriptor when specifying block_type
  • Items with the item lock component no longer cause the recipe book to show invalid recipe results


  • Added query.cardinal_facing_2d to get a ground plane direction that doesn't return up or down
  • Added the ability to put block models into the models/blocks folder
  • Added the ability for item triggers to send events to the block they are interacting with (when there is one such as on_use_on)
  • Added the ability to query the interacted face for both interactions with blocks and using minecraft:on_use_on in an item. Face can be queried with query.block_face
  • Fixed face occlusion with data driven blocks to properly account for unit cube transparent vs unit cube opaque
  • Fixed a crash caused by heap corruption with entity_collision and pick_collision components
  • Data-driven blocks no longer have their top faces rotated 180 degrees when carried or in inventory
  • Mobs are no longer teleported back and forth outside solid objects if there is not enough space for multiple entities

Event Responses

  • "add_mob_effect" and "remove_mob_effect" no longer throw content errors when valid effect names are passed in
  • Added documentation for "remove_mob_effect" to make creators aware they can use the value "all" in effect to remove all mob effects from a target
  • Fixed items not being placeable in additional horse equipment slots. Does not fix all equippable behaviors
  • Inventory size on the minecraft:inventory component has to be increased to match the equippable slots in order for the server to accept the item placement
  • The tooltip for item with item lock component will no longer show when game rule showtags is disabled

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