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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Toolbox v5.4.55 for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17/1.18/1.19/1.20

Toolbox v5.4.55 for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17/1.18/1.19/1.20

Toolbox (TooManyItems) is a popular mod for Minecraft PE which facilitates the survival or your regular game. This mod (addon) will adds a lot of features to the game, but my favorite is an opportunity to look the recipes. Additionally, Toolbox supports items from different mods, it's really pleasant.

Toolbox Features:

Nice GUI interface
The ability to quickly add a necessary item or block to your inventory
Change the game mode any second
Change teleportation point
Change day and night
Adding and removing creatures, the ability to set fire to a creature
X-ray (removed unfortunately)
Flight mode in Survival
The ability to paint the grass using dyes
Rideable pigs using the saddle and fishing rods!
Hacks prohibited on servers
Updated for every Minecraft Bedrock Update (see version below)
And much more!

WorldEdit features (built in):

To see all the available commands use /help. Command list expands and Toolbox updates can contain new commands. The main tool is a wand. With it you can edit absolutely any area in the game.
How to use the wand?

It's very simple, just choose the first position and then the second. These positions must contain inside (diagonal) all the blocks necessary for you. Then use the available text commands. For example, you can replace the selected area on the stone. Thus, the WorldEdit allows you to quickly change the world for any purpose. You can prepare the ground for buildings in a matter of seconds.
Mini-map and tags.

With the help of mini-map you can always find the way to home! Map tags will help you in this even more! You can enable the mini-map in the "Modification -> Show mini-map". There you can configure its size, activate the coordinates, and others.

To add the tags you just need to create a teleport point as shown in the screenshot below:

After that, the tags will appear automatically in the world and you will see this tags at any distance, it will display the distance to the player (number of blocks), that is very useful!

Available versions and changelogs:

Changelog v5.4.55:

Minecraft PE 1.20.32 support

Changelog v5.4.54:

Minecraft PE 1.20.15 support

Changelog v5.4.53:

Minecraft PE 1.19.83 support (1.20 beta not tested)

Changelog v5.4.47:

Minecraft PE 1.19.63+ support

Changelog v5.4.32:

Minecraft PE 1.18.31 support

Changelog v5.4.30:

Minecraft PE 1.18.10 support
Some features (Tracers, Free-Cam) are not yet available

Changelog v5.4.29:

Minecraft PE 1.18.2 support

Changelog v5.4.28:

Minecraft PE 1.18.0 and 1.18.1 support

Changelog v5.4.27:

Minecraft PE 1.17.41 support

Changelog v5.4.26:

Minecraft PE 1.17.34 support

Changelog v5.4.25:

Minecraft PE 1.17.32 support

Changelog v5.4.24:

Minecraft PE 1.17.40 support

Changelog v5.4.23:

Minecraft PE 1.17.11 support

Changelog v5.4.22:

Minecraft PE support

Changelog v5.4.21:

Minecraft PE 1.17.2 support

Changelog v5.4.20:

Minecraft PE 1.17.0 support

Changelog v5.4.18:

Minecraft PE 1.16.221 Release support

Changelog v5.4.17:

Minecraft PE 1.16.220 Release support

Changelog v5.4.16:

Minecraft PE 1.16.210 Release support

Changelog v5.4.15:

MCPE 1.16.210 Beta support

Changelog v5.4.14:

Updated for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.201 Release

Changelog v5.4.12:

Updated for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.101

Changelog v5.4.11:

Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100 support

Changelog v5.4.10:
Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.2 and 1.16.40 support
Tracers for 1.16.4

Changelog v5.4.5:
Support for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.1 Nether
Fixes for Premium

Changelog v5.4.2:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.16

Changelog v5.4.0:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.15
Premium version
Many new features (Tap tp, zoom, name override)

Changelog v5.3:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.14.30
More cheat features
Some support Realms

Changelog v4.6.4:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.12.1

Changelog v4.6.3:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.12.0 Release
Testing supp Minecraft Bedrock 1.13 Beta

Changes in version 4.5.1:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.10.0 Release and 1.11 Betas.

Changes in version
Support for Minecraft PE 1.7/1.8.
Changes in version
Support for Minecraft PE 1.4. (1.4.2 also).
Changes in version 4.3.2:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.2.
Quick add and bug fixes.
Changes in version 4.2:
The update includes a lot of new, but we will list the main thing.
Works on MCPE 1.1 including the latest beta version.
Support for Xbox Live.
Changes in version 3.2.29:
Supports PE 1.0.9. Toolbox for PE 1.1.X will appear after BlockLauncher for 1.1 is released.
Changes in version 3.2.26:
Supports MCPE 1.0.6.
Changes in version 3.2.18:
Support for MC:PE 1.0.4.

Changes in version 3.2.17: 
Support for MinecraftPE 1.0.2 / 1.0.3.

Changes in version 3.2.14: 

Support for MCPE 1.0 Release (0.17.X). 
Bug fixes: When using //set command, incorrect crafting recipes, and more.
Changes in version 3.2.13: 
Support for the latest beta version (MCPE 0.17.0). 

Changes in version 3.2.12:
Support for Minecraft PE 0.16.2 and 0.17.0 Beta Build 2!
Bug fixes.

Changes in version 3.2.10: 
A small update contains fixes with ModPE methods.
Changes in version 3.2.9: 
Support for Minecraft PE 0.16.0 Release;
Added the ability to use the WorldEdit. With it you will be able to change the world as you want (more on that above).
Changes in version 3.2.8: 
Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.10/0.16.0;
Changes in version 3.2.7: 
Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.9;
Toolbox for MCPE 0.16.0 will be after finishing the beta test. 
Changes in version 3.2.5: 
Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.7; 
Changes in version 3.2.3: 
Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.4;
Ability to install texture packs;
Damage and saving inventory indicators.

Changes in version 3.2.2: 
Support for MCPE 0.15.3.
Changes in version 3.2.0: 
Full support MCPE 0.15.1;
Added many new features;
Updated and improved navigation map;
If you do not have Blocklauncher, then start the Toolbox as an application.

Changes in version 3.1.0: 
The minimap;
Support for ModPE;
Bug Fixes.
Changes in version 3.0.2: 
Bug fixes;
Added option to move the «M» button;
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.2;
Support for ModPE-scripts.
Changes in version 2.1.1:
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.1.
X-Ray, debug screen, fast cutting of wood, armor status.
Fixed critical bugs.
If you play with the Toolbox addon using the Blocklauncher and you dont have «M» button, then just go to the launcher (menu of your applications) and enable permission to use the Toolbox together with Blocklauncher. Perhaps it should be done only for the owners of Android 6.0!

Changes in version 2.0.1: 
Several other languages.
Bug fixes.
Changes in version 2.0: 
The long-awaited update of the popular mod / addon (TooManyItems, TMI), which allows you to instantly adds items, browse recipes, potions effects, change the game mode, HP, time, weather, enchant items, set the spawn, and more! 
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0!
The addon is now working as a single launcher, but it will work in Blocklauncher without problems. 









Changes in version 1.2.1:
The popular addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.0/0.13.1 - ToolBox (analogue of TooManyItems)! Change the game mode in one click, add the your desired item, change the time of day and weather, and more!


Changes in version 1.1.1:
Added missing items.
Added slider to change the speed of the game.
Fixed bugs of the interface on a device with a small screen.
Fixed Option "hide the button of addon".

How does Toolbox work?

How to install Toolbox?

1. Download the app using the links below (the latest version) and install as an Android app.
2. Enable add-ons support in the settings.
3. If you want to use the launcher functions then run "ToolBox for .." app and there click "Continue".
4. The app is installed, enjoy the game!

Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v1.0.0 for Minecraft PE 0.12.1
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v1.1.1 for Minecraft PE 0.12.1
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v1.2.1 (0.13.0/0.13.1)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v2.0 (0.14.0)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v2.0.1 (0.14.0)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v2.1.1 (0.14.1)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.0.2 (0.14.1/0.14.2)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.1.0 (0.14.1/0.14.2)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.0 (0.15.0/0.15.1)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.2 (0.15.2/0.15.3)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.3 (0.15.3/0.15.4)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.5 (0.15.7)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.7 (0.15.9)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.8 (0.15.10/0.16.0)
Download Toolbox (TooManyItems) v3.2.9 (0.16.0)
Download Toolbox v3.2.10 (0.16.0)
Download Toolbox v3.2.12 (0.17.0)
Download Toolbox v3.2.13 (0.17.0/1.0.0.)
Download Toolbox v3.2.14 (0.17.0/1.0.0.)
Download Toolbox v3.2.17 (1.0.2/1.0.3)
Download Toolbox v3.2.18 (1.0.4)
Download Toolbox v3.2.26 (1.0.6)
Download Toolbox v3.2.29 (1.0.9)
Download Toolbox v4.2 (1.1+)
Download Toolbox v4.3.2 (1.2+)
Download Toolbox v4.3.6.4 (1.4+)
Download Toolbox v4.3.8.4 (1.7/1.8)
Download Toolbox v4.5.1 (1.10/1.11)
Download Toolbox v4.6.3 (1.12/1.13)
Download Toolbox v4.6.4 (1.12.1/1.13)
Download Toolbox v5.3 (1.13/1.14)
Download Toolbox v5.4.0 (1.15/1.16)
Download Toolbox v5.4.2 (1.15/1.16)
Download Toolbox v5.4.5 (1.16.1)
Download Toolbox v5.4.10 (1.16.2/1.16.40)
Download Toolbox v5.4.11 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.12 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.14 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.15 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.16 (1.16.220/1.16.210)
Download Toolbox v5.4.17 (1.16.220/
Download Toolbox v5.4.18 (1.16.221/
Download Toolbox v5.4.20 (1.17.0)
Download Toolbox v5.4.21 (1.17.2)
Download Toolbox v5.4.22 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.23 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.24 (1.17.40/1.17.30)
Download Toolbox v5.4.25 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.26 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.27 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.28 (1.18.0/1.18.1)
Download Toolbox v5.4.29 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.30 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.32 (
Download Toolbox v5.4.47 (1.19.63+)
Download Toolbox v5.4.53 (1.19.83+)
Download Toolbox v5.4.54 (1.20+)
Download Toolbox v5.4.55 (1.20.32)


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Entity3038343 (5 October 2022 09:50)
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Op nice work 1 time😜
Player57 (11 August 2022 06:48)
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The zip file you want to make apk
Work for all Minecraft version
Khfdhgdsjgd (16 June 2022 03:01)
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Quote: Player57
is working
Make apk file and install
Player57 (18 May 2022 09:42)
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is working
Make apk file and install
Luis (15 May 2022 09:15)
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1.18.31 - 32 support not parking

V5.4.32 work in 1.18.12
Inotrobot (17 December 2021 20:36)
Why there isn't a 1.18 please put some bedrock and Java

Its scam by the way how many people you pay to act.to say "its real" 🤨
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