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Minecraft Changelog


  • Added pointed dripstone blocks 
    • These can be found in the creative inventory for now 
  • A pointed dripstone block can be placed in the ceiling and on the floor, creating stalactites and stalagmites 
  • Falling on a stalagmite causes increased fall damage  
  • Breaking the ceiling above a stalactite causes it to fall towards the ground and will cause damage on impact with entities  
  • Stalactites have a dripping water and lava animation  
  • Known issues: 
    • When hanging Pointed Dripstones start falling their position is slightly offset 
    • Sneaking while placing tips of opposing stalactites and stalagmites merges them 
    • Placed pointed dripstone can be destroyed by lava on Bedrock 
    • If player is killed by stalactite or stalagmite fall damage, custom death message is not displayed 
    • Pointed dripstone item is rendered differently in-hand on Bedrock compared to Java Edition 
    • Placing pointed dripstones in water results in the water being removed 
    • Player receives 2 points of damage when jumping on a stalagmite 

Sculk Sensor 

  • Introducing the bizarre, tendril-filled world of sculk – prepare for sculk sensors to creep you out with their unique ability to detect nearby vibrations  
  • A vibration is anything that causes physical motion; if you are careful, there are some motions that are undetectable to sensors by sneaking. There are still quite a few of these events missing though - stay tuned! 
  • These sneak-friendly vibrations currently include walking, falling to the ground 
  • The current list of vibration events are as follows: (more will be added in future updates) 
    • Step 
    • Swim 
    • Block Place 
    • Block Destroy 
    • Elytra Free Fall  
    • Hit Ground 
    • Splash 
    • Projectile Shoot 
  • Sculk sensors will not listen to vibrations that are directly created by other sculk sources 
  • When a vibration is detected, a signal is sent from the source location to the sensor at a speed of 1 game tick per block 
  • Other vibrations cannot be detected by a sensor when a signal is already traveling to it 
  • When the signal has arrived, the sensor will be activated for 40 game ticks (approximately 2 seconds) 
  • While activated, the sensor cannot detect other vibrations 
  • Sculk sensors can detect vibrations in an 8-block radius around it 
  • Known issues: 
    • Sculk sensors cannot be waterlogged 
    • Wool occlusion is not yet added to the blocks’ functionality. This will be added in a later beta 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Pork Chop achievement and trophy being unlocked by raw porkchop
  • Fixed a bug where foxes wouldn't knock off and eat sweet berries
  • Clicking "Download Template" when missing required templates of an existing world now correctly downloads the required templates  
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to place custom spawn eggs by default in Adventure mode  


  • The '/setblock' command now supports setting the connected state for the soul_lantern block
  • The '/setblock' command now supports setting the rotation state for the chain block
  • 'SetBlock' and 'SetBlockAtPos' events now support custom block states  


  • Fix for certain Marketplace worlds having incorrect block data when played on Realms and multiplayer between mobile and PC    

World Generation 

  • Mcstructure files saved with entities no longer crash game when loaded into the world

Technical Changes 

  • boolean parameter called "ignore_game_mode" is added for the block event response "decrement_stack", set to false by default. Thus "decrement_stack" no longer decreases the item stack when playing in Creative by default  


Other Known Issues in this Beta: 

  • A crash may occur when suspending and resuming the game on Android
  • The patch notes screen may contain an invalid link to the Marketplace

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