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Has anyone suggested that Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.13 appear today? Surely a huge crowd of fans still playing 1.12 and enjoying the updated add-ons system, but... Already today, Mojang introduced a new version, which received the number 1.13, and it contains more technical updates and features, but there are also visible changes, for example, a new mob which you can read about below.


This is a new mob which officially appeared in Minecraft PE Before they were added to Bedrock, foxes became one of the Java 1.14 features. Now you can find foxes in your worlds on smartphones. Perhaps the most interesting fact that may surprise you is that foxes can pick up droped objects and keep them in their mouths.

Download Minecraft PE 1.13
If you can catch a fox with an item in its mouth, you can also get this object in addition to the main drop. As in life, foxes love the night and are active at night when most players are asleep or crafting. If you do not want to miss the fox then go on a night trip to winter biomes or taiga.

Minecraft PE 1.13
Wandering there, you probably will notice a very fast animal. In those places where there is a lot of snow, the fox has an arctic look and is very difficult to recognize, so be very careful. In the afternoon foxes sleep, which can also be seen in Minecraft PE 1.13.

Foxes Minecraft PE 1.13
The main fox enemies are bears and wolves. Bears are very aggressive and will attack any fox nearby, so if you see a running fox, you better run too.

Minecraft PE 1.13 features
Regarding the remaining changes in MCPE 1.13, there are not as many of them as we would like. First of all, the version received even more functionality for addon makers. For example, now it is possible to replace the player model using add-ons, which is so necessary for many.

New clouds:

Minecraft PE 1.13 clouds
Minecraft PE 1.13 clouds

Minecraft PE Changelog:


Minecraft PE Changelog:

Added new mobs - foxes (including arctic)
Automatic addition of coordinates when typing commands
New parameters and improvements for addons
New chat settings (size, font and other settings)
Villagers have stone badges
Beautiful clouds
Marketplace changes

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