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Minecraft Changelog

New Features:

New Sound Volume Options

  • Added a variety of volume sliders for various sound categories (eg. hostile, blocks, weather etc.)
    • These will play a preview of the relevant sounds in the main settings menu, and will play the default click sound when in game 

Ray Tracing

  • Enabled Ray Tracing on Windows 10 on GPUs with Raytracing Hardware Support
    • Added Upscaling Options to Video Options
    • Added Ray Tracing toggle Ray Tracing render distance slider to video-settings

Bug Fixes

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a bug where Minecraft would occasionally crash when loading a local world


  • 'Strawberry Blonde' color now has correct name in the character creator
  • Fixed a bug where if the view bobbing setting was disabled the player's hand would still bob
  • Fixed an issue where loot tables with a 'set_data' function produced incorrect loot items


  • Fixed an issue where the Servers tab would not correctly read text-to-speech prompts when not signed into a Microsoft account
  • Fixed various issues where text-to-speech indices on the start screen were not correct
  • Fixed issues where user interface controls would be improperly indexed in text-to-speech for popup modals
  • Reduced transparency on top row of buttons in Touch UI to improve readability


  • Netherite Armor now gives a ninety percent reduction in Knockback


  • Bees will no longer stray more than 22 blocks from their home Beehive

Graphics, Textures, and User Interface

  • Ghost items in the crafting grid now have a different colored background depending on item availability in the inventory
  • The Player Permissions menu can now be navigated using a controller regardless of the players permission level


  • Added various UI elements to communicate ray tracing capabilities in the Marketplace (Windows 10 Only)
    • Resource packs in the Marketplace are now aware of ray tracing capabilities and will display a label indicating support in the UI
    • Attempting to purchase and/or download a resource pack that requires ray tracing will notify the user of a purchasing error when that user does not have the required min-spec hardware. In this instance, we communicate the missing min-spec hardware required to the player
  • Owned packs are now refreshed correctly after restarting the game

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