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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Maldives Seed for Minecraft PE 1.12+

Maldives Seed for Minecraft PE 1.12+

These islands exist so that you can feel real peace and tranquility. This seed is some relaxation for those players who are used to dig mines all day, recycle resources and work constantly. Instead of fuss, relax on the small azure islands where there is practically nobody.

Why Maldives?

This is an in-game seed, therefore there are no construction objects and generally nothing that relates to human activity. This place is very reminiscent of the Maldives where it is very hot and there are a lot of islands. They can be of any shape and area, but the main thing is that some are absolutely deserted where tourists can spend their time.

Seed Features:

Pristine islands designed for multiple players. It is unlikely that the islands are suitable for a group of players, so start by exploring the territories and building a small bungalow on the beach. And then just enjoy the game by swimming in the ocean and diving under the water.

Maldives Seed for Minecraft PE
Maldives Seed for Minecraft PE
Maldives Seed for Minecraft PE
But if you still want to go to a mine, then look for a small cave that goes deep enough. There are ores and a lot of stones.

Seed: -1147448989


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