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Blue City Map n1.9 for Minecraft PE 1.13/1.14

Blue City is one of the oldest cities for Minecraft Pocket Edition. As soon as you spawned, you will see more than 300 different buildings for research ranging from the single-storey houses and ending with towering skyscrapers. It was also built more than 14 rides, 5 mazes and 8 parkour tests in the FunLand area. The names and location of districts are on the general plan (see below).
Blue City has the longest history of development since 2012. It is the core of the map, with hundreds of buildings and detailed urbanscape. It is realistic, yet fun to explore. All buildings are furnished with designated purpose of existence.

Caution: the map has a size of more than 100 MB although the author did everything in order to optimize it. Adapted for Minecraft PE 1.14. Before you discover this gigantic project, take a look at the guide here - BLUE TOPIA TRAVEL GUIDE.




Blue City n1.9:

A lot of changes, read the general guide.
Support for MCPE 1.13 and 1.14.

Blue City n1.2:

A huge amount of change for all time.
Built a new city.
Major renovation.
Support for MCPE

Blue City v9.3:

Many new buildings were built.
A lot of structures reconstructed.
Support for MCPE 1.5.

Blue City v9.0:

Updated for MCPE 1.2.
A global reconstruction of some parts was carried out.
Over 30 buildings have been rebuilt.
Changed skyscrapers.

Blue City v8.1:

Updated for MCPE 1.1.
Revised logos and flags.

Blue City v8.0:

Wiki Town and Ocean City.
New buildings, there is an expansion of the city in the east.
Improvements in some buildings.

This update contains new buildings as well as you can play the latest version of the game (MCPE 1.14) without any problems.

Download Blue City v6.9
Download Blue City v8.0
Download Blue City v8.1
Download Blue City v8.8
Download Blue City v9.0
Download Blue City v9.3
Download Blue City n1.2
Download Blue City n1.9 (NEW!)


Melissa Freed (4 November 2017 12:45)
Group: Guest
I ? This awesome map
Gm (7 July 2017 04:32)
Group: Guest
Hahahahaha thank you
Serena (26 December 2016 17:54)
Group: Guest
what I have a question.......
Can u download the map or something???

I have a question...
Can you download this map or something??
Brian Ching (22 December 2016 07:19)
Group: Guest
Hello! I am the author of this map. There is a newer version of the map and newer screenshots, all in this link:

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