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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Ark Addon (MCArk) for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17/1.18/1.19/1.20.50+

Ark Addon (MCArk) for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17/1.18/1.19/1.20.50+

Combine the two survival games together by installing Ark inside Minecraft PE. This will give you amazing creatures that can be found in the original Ark. For the most part, these are gigantic compared to the player entities whose paws are many times larger than your character. They are in no way similar to those that live in your world and some animals will become food for them.

By: Alex587 and CopperLord44

MC Ark Update:

This is a new version of the addon with updated dinosaurs, taming, levels and more. The essence remains the same - dinos have independent spawn rules and customized behaviors.

Changelog Bugfix update:

- Added allosaurus
- Complete revision

Changelog Pre-Release:

- Added rhyniognatha
- Added therizino
- Added yutyrannus
- Added rage system
- Added breeding system
- Added new items and cloth

Changelog v4.0:

- Added new dinosaurs in addition to those that received an update in behavior and models in general
- Fixes
- Minecraft PE 1.20 support

New Dinosaurs:

• Raptor
• Raptor Tek
• Tyranosaurus Rex
• Spinosaurus
• Dodo
• Compy
• Pegomastax
• Dilophosaurus
• Celacanto
• Parasaurus
• Moschops
• Wyvern
• Trike
• Pteranodon

Changelog v10.0:

- Added new entities (more than 100 dinosaurs in total)
- Added new items
- Fixes
- Minecraft PE 1.18 support

Changelog v9.0:

- Added new entities (all added to the list)
- Revised the behavior of some dinosaurs
- Fixes
- Minecraft PE 1.17 support

Changelog v8.0:

- Added new dinos
- Added new blocks and items
- Support for MC Bedrock 1.16 Nether
- Added description for some dinos

Changelog v3.0:

- Added new creatures (many kinds)
- Added new enchantments
- Added new items

Ark Addon v3.0 for Minecraft PE 1.131.14

Changelog v2.0:

- Added new items
- Behavior fixes
- Bug fixes

ARK Creatures:

1. White Male Rex
2. Black Male Rex
3. Red Male Rex
4. Black Female Rex
5. Red Female Rex
6. White Female Rex
7. Rex
8. Black Male Reaper
9. Black Female Reaper
10. Orange Female Spino
11. Orange Male Spino
12. Green Female Spino
13. Green Male Spino
14. White Female Spino
15. White Male Spino
16. Blue Female Spino
17. Blue Male Spino
18. Dodo
19. Hesperornis
20. Yutyrannus
21. Pulmonoscorpius
24. Ovis Aries
25. Daeodon
27. Trilobite
28. Dune Pulmonoscorpius
29. Thorny Dragon
30. Pegomastax
31. Compy
32. Archaeopteryx
33. Doedicurus
34. Baryonyx
35. Elasmotherium
36. Elasmotherium Thorphy
37. Thorny demon
38. Spittle
39. Mega Raptor
40. Ainictozoon
41. Alvarezsaurus
42. Helicoprion
43. Achatina
44. Mamut
45. Healer Daeodon
46. Regeneration
47. Deinonychus
48. Water Bug
49. Utahraptor
50. Belcbob
51. Fire Deinonychus
52. Frozen Demon
53. Ice Deinonychus
54. Carnotaurus
55. Majungasaurus
56. Llukalkan
57. Teratophoneus
58. Nanuqsaurus
59. Velonasaur
60. Velonasaur (R VARIANT)
61. Dire Wolf
62. Espina
63. Argentavis
64. Dimetrodon
65. Pikaia
66. Diplocaulus
67. Quetzal
68. Magmasaur
69. Phiomia
70. Irritator
71. Bulbdog
72. Lymantria
73. Scutosaurus
74. Ankylosaur
75. Skorpiovenator
76. Ouranosaurus
77. HLN-A
78. Tapejara
79. Qilinyu
80. Dunkleosteous
81. Lystrosaurus
82. Ammonite
83. Poisonshock Ammonite
84. Weejasperaspididae
85. Macrauchenia
86. Mawsonia
87. kentrosaurus
88. Parasaurolophus
89. Lambeosaurus
90. Tamer
91. Micro raptor
92. Tanyrhinichthys
93. Female Rex
94. Male Rex
95. Male Spino
96. Female Spino
97. Female Yutyrannus
98. Male Yutyrannus
99. Female Suchosaurus
100. Male Suchosaurus
101. Female Shadowmane
102. Male Shadowmane
+ taming items


Chest with ropes for daeodon
Tek structure
Steel block
Enhanced stone
Cementing Paste
Steel plate
Gallon of oil
Electrical Component
Helmet with visor
Helmet with horns
Hidden blade
Nightvision glass
Hero crown
Tek claws
Frost daggerfish
Binoculars x5
Binoculars x7
Night vision Binoculars x7
Life drainer
Rotten bodypart
Titanium breastplate
Titanium shield
Thorny dragon armor
Thorny dragon saddle
Caos fish
Mom fish
Double fish
Oxygen cane
Prime meat
Doedicurus saddle
Hypercuality Lapis
Ainiktozoon shell
Red Pasta

New Enchantments:

Compound Bow
Arrows Energy-conduction
Blessed Quiver
Bow Rope
Friends Forever
dOne Oportunity
Edge Quality
Insecticide Edge
Holly Edge
Material Breakage
Hot energy driver
Fake fish hook
Water walker
Tanner's Edge
Tresure Hunter Hook
Oxygen containment
Anti explosive Revestiment
Springed Platform
Energy diversion
Rough Surface
Surgical Accuracy
Triton Fins
Water Affinity
Lightning attractor
Projectile Penetration
Recharge System

Taming and Riding:

Choose a Pulmonoscorpius as the first taming creature in this addon. It likes the darkness and is usually found in caves and mines. Note that their size and threatening appearance are fully consistent with their behavior and some of them are deadly. You will need raw flesh and some luck to tame the father of all modern scorpions.

Ark Addon for Minecraft PE
Ark Addon for Minecraft PE
Ark Addon for Minecraft PE
Ark Addon for Minecraft PE
This also applies to other mobs that can be tamed by you. A special feature is horse riding and by attaching a special item you can sit on the back of your tamed creature and ride like a horse. The speed of movement depends on the characteristics of a particular prehistoric creature.

Crafting Recipes:

Create the following items and tools to improve tamed mobs by adding new elements. Transport more things, increase damage, affect speed.

How to install the Ark Addon?

1. Download the file and open it using MCPE.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Ark Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13 & 1.14
Download Ark Addon v2.0 for Minecraft PE 1.14
Download Ark Addon v3.0 for Minecraft PE 1.14
Download Ark Addon v8.0 for Minecraft PE 1.16
Download Ark Addon v9.0 for Minecraft PE 1.17
Download Ark Addon v10.0 for Minecraft PE 1.18
Download MCArk Addon Pre Phase 1 for Minecraft PE 1.19
Download Ark Addon v4.0 for Minecraft PE 1.20
Download Ark Addon Pre-Release for Minecraft PE 1.20
Download Ark Addon Bugfix Update for Minecraft PE 1.20
Download Ark Addon v4.0 for Minecraft PE 1.20 (Resources) (Official)
Download Ark Addon v4.0 for Minecraft PE 1.20 (Behavior) (Official)


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Update to 8.1 pls which is bug fixes
Hrushikesh (29 December 2019 04:23)
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Nice Add ons like ark survival evold very much but now in mcpe just like wow

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