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Factorization mod 3.3 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5

Full description of the script Factorization 3.2 [for MPCE 0.9.5]
Script adds many different variety of mechanisms that may produce, process, manufacture. The script will automate our world. Replace these mods on the pc as industrial craft 2, buildcraft, partially gregtech.

With version 2.4 of the items available in the creative mode.
With version 2.5 of the world generated new ore.
With version 2.6 added the devices working with liquids
With version 2.7 there are mechanisms that interact with mobs
With version 2.8 is available autocraft items

Wild hive:
Rarely generates in world, after click on it with any item two bees will fly out. When two bees is flying above hive block you can break it, to claim bee queen and drone to use them in bee hive.

Hevea or rubber wood:
Generated in the world with a small probability, only biomes where there is grass. Used for latex and rubber. Can be grown artificially.

New ore:
1 A mixed ore - rarely generated, average deposits of no higher than 20, mined iron or diamond pickaxe or drill. Drop off of Redstone, iron dust, gold dust, uranium and rare lapis lazuli.

2.Uranium ore - rarely generated, small deposits of no higher than 48, mined iron or diamond pickaxe or drill. Drop off of uranium and 50% of iron dust. Uranium needed for effective craft uranium rods.

3 Iridium Ore - generated extremely rare, 1 small field at 3-4 chunks. If you find it you are very lucky. mined iron or diamond pickaxe or drill. Drop off of a piece of iridium and 50% of the gold dust of 2 pieces of 1 bar is iridium.

4. Copper ore - generated very often lower then 30. Mining with stone pickaxe or higher.

5. Tin ore - generated often lower then 30. Mining with stone pickaxe or higher.

  This mode of all blocks except for the wires and pipes. Mechanisms can produce, obrabatovat, produce and transport the items. Mechanism may vzaimodeysvovat with a chest (usually the chest above it), and some mechanisms may use energy.

  Energy produced by the generator and is transmitted by wire (wire, id 489) in the attached mechanisms. Several mechanisms connected with wires into an energy web (when you click on the key mechanism that uses the energy of words "web: the number of devices in energy web"). all produced energy is evenly distributed on all the mechanisms in the network, which are not generators. Many use the energy of mechanisms have internal storage, which will be reserved in the excess energy and next used by mechanism. Amount of stored energy in the mechanism can be found by clicking on it wrench (500) or particles around it, if the particles at the bottom of the storage unit is empty at the top - complete.

Connector (connector, id 203) - is needed if you are playing in a wireless version of the script. Click first on one device, then on the other, between them will energy bond, which is visible only with a key or connector in the hands. If it says "already connected", then mechanisms are already connected in some way.

Wire (wire, id 489) - connects the mechanisms to an energy web

Energy storage (bat-box, id 210 and MFE, id 235) - bat-box can store 40,000 and 600000 - MFE, transfers energy to the network until there is filling, otherwise it accumulates. Can charge items (drill, saw, generator quantum shield, jetpack, nano saber), for this it is necessary to put on the chest and put the items in it.

Generator - a mechanism that produces energy and sends it to the network.

1.solar panel (id 209) - the easiest generator produces energy 20 day / s, if there is no top blocks covering light.

2.fuel generator (fuel generator, id 211), gradually produces energy from the fuel out of the trunk over it. Internal Storage - 10000 energy. Lumber / Wood - 750 energy per unit of fuel, sticks / seedlings - 250 Coal - 4000, a bucket of lava - 10000.

3.nuclear reactor (nuclear reactor, id 212) - the most effective and the most dangerous form all generators. The reactor can be heated and if the temperature exceeds 2000 ° C then it will explode (the force of the explosion - 20). Uses uranium rod (uranium cell, id 504) and helium cooler (cooling 60k helium cell, id 505). All items are placed in the chest on the d reactor. The reactor itself is cooled by 1 ° per second. Home Depot - 30,000.
  3.1 Uranium rod - while in the reactor generates 20 energy / sec, and the reactor is heated at 1 ° / sec, and also produces an additional 20 energy and 1 ° of heat for each uranium rod in adjacent slots trunk (top, bottom, right, left). Gets as much damage as the generated heat. after receiving the 1024 damage disappears
  3.2 Cooler - while the reactor cools it by 1 ° / sec, and 1 ° absorbs heat from the neighboring uranium rods (top, bottom, right, left). Gets as much damage as the heat absorbed. after receiving the 4096 damage disappears.
  3.3 A bucket of water when it reaches 1000 ° turns into an empty bucket and cools the reactor at 300 ° C.
  3.4 Snowball when reaching 500 ° disappears and the reactor was cooled to 50 ° C.

4 Wind turbine (windmill, id 219) - Installation height above 64 (above sea level) produces then more energy, then more air units in the area around the windmill 9h9h9 and the higher it is. The maximum energy of 100 / s. Does not store energy.

5 Watermill (watermill, id 220) - produces the more energy, the more units of water in the area around the 3x3x3. Up to 8 energy / sec. Does not store energy.

6 Geothermal Generator - (geotermal generator, id 221) - uses all of the lava from the barrel on it. 12500 generates energy for a bucket. Does not store energy. Excess energy will be lost.

  Used items from the trunk on them and energy to get new items.
  1.electric furnace(electric furnace, id 213) electric analog conventional oven uses 200 energy and 5 seconds for an operation, melts items from the chest above it. Internal storage - 2000 energy.
  2.macerator (macerator, id 204) - pulverises ore and ingots from the chest over him in the dust. Gold / iron ore - 2 dust, gold / iron bar - 1 dust. From the dust in the furnace 1 can be 1 bar. 1200 and uses energy for the operation of 20 seconds. Internal storage - 2000 energy.

3.Recycler (recycler, id 200) - deletes items from chest above him, with a small odd throws random thing over it (from the dirt to the diamond!).
Uses 10 energy and 0.5 seconds for the operation. Internal storage - 500 energy. Can use coal, coal 1 - 2 operations.

4. Centrefuge - uses honey combs from chest above to fill bottles from this chest with honey. Uses 400 enery per operation. Internal storage - 2000.

5.Extractor - uses latex from chest above it. creates 3 rubber from one latex. Uses 400 energy per operation. Internal storage - 2000.

  These are the mechanisms that process the world around us.
  1.Drill (drill, id 207) - digging for themselves, until it reaches the bedrock, if on top of a chest, and it has a place. Internal storage - 500 energy. 120 consumes energy per block. Totally digging ore deposits.
  2.Quarry (Quarry, id 202) - is digging under a 17x17 area (8 in each direction) from the level 2 unit below the quarry. Adds the items in a chest on it. stops if bumped into the bedrock, or chest overflowed. Internal storage - 500 consumes 80 energy per unit.

  3.Avto farmer or crop harvester(id 201) - does not use energy. Plows 9x9 blocks around, puts himself under the water. Planted seeds and seedlings from the chest above it. Can use bonemeal. Trees are cut down completely.

4.block breaker (block breaker, 232) - destroys the block under the other, if there is a chest on it and in it there is a place to drop the block. Used generator cobblestone.

Working with the fluid:
There are 5 types of liquid: water, lava , milk, honey, mead.

Barrel (barrel, 208) - keeps the liquid (16 buckets), can be taken away from the barrel and fill back in with a bucket. If the barrel is a liquid, the animation will be given liquid droplets.
Honey in barrel will turn into mead after 10 minutes in it.

Pump (pump, 222) - pumping unit for a liquid or liquid from the barrel beneath them. Using conventional pipes can be connected to the receiver if the receiver is connected near the barrel, which can be referred to the liquid, it will be transferred there, barrels and receivers can be somewhat like a conveyor chests. If there are no drums, the pump will try to pump the liquid in the barrel on himself. Generally it is designed to pump liquid from the world in the barrel, and the barrels of the pipes in the other barrel.

Auto-milker;) (223) - if there are cows nearby, every 10 seconds one of them milks, milk passes into the barrel above.

Filler buckets (bucket filler, 224) - if it should have a barrel with liquid on top of the chest and in the chest empty the bucket will fill the second time in their liquid from the barrel.

Accelerator of growth (growth accelerator, 225) - accelerates the growth of plants, except for seedlings in the area around him 11h11 (5 on each side), for growing plants on a 1 1/8 uses a bucket of water out of the barrel at him. Without water did not work.

Blending (liquid blender, 230) - mixes two different liquids of 2 drums at his side. receives sluchayanye objects that depend on mixed liquor. Objects put in a chest on it.

Heater (heater, 231) - uses 120 energy per second for heating at 20 °, and when heated to 1000 ° it uses 1 or cobblestone from the chest above it and converts it into the lava, which is poured into the barrel at his side. 1 operation loses 500 heating. Use for fuel geothermal generator.

1.beacon(beacon, id 205) - runs a fireworks isch particles. Has 5 types of particles that switch key.

2.mass fabricator (mass fabricator, id 213) - 100 000 uses energy to create one matter, uses all of the received energy. the process of creation of matter can be looked by clicking on the key generator.

3.Transporter (chest transporter, id 203) - transfers of times per second the items from the chest underneath it through the pipes to the receiver (reciver), and through him in the chests next to the receiver, if there is a place in the chests. If you put a chest above the conveyor and put things in it, the conveyor will transfer only those types poedmetov that are in the chest on it.
  3.1 receiver (reciver, id 217) is connected to the conveyor tube, thus connecting it to the trunks, close to the receiver. Also can be used to transport liquid using a pump.
  3.2 pipe (pipe, id 216) - connects the receiver and conveyor

4 Teleporter (teleporter, id 218) - when clicked, it will teleport device, teleport to another random teleporter with the same frequency, with 1000 energy. The frequency can be from 0 to 15, 0 by default, switch key. If other teleporters with this frequency is not present, will be written "there are no teleported on current frequency". Internal Storage - 20000 energy.

5 automatic workbench (assembler, 229) - a mechanism to add autocraft for some items. It uses items from the chest above it and the liquid from the barrel underneath. Some of his recipes are similar recipes bench, some similar but use liquid instead of some ingredients. One assembler allow to craft only 1 type of items.
  To select the recipe craft click with item on assembler (not on the top side). If this prescription items there will be written "no such recipe", if the recipe is selected will write a "recipe changed to" + the name of the object and the animation of the particles occurs.
  If you click with wrech and before that was selected any recipe, the chat will write the dates for this recipe ingredients.

1 board = 2 sticks
1 wood + water = 6 oak boards
1 wool + water = 4 threads
1 reed + water = 1 paper
4 stings = 1 coat
1 Snow + water = ice (snow is activated)

2 wheat bread + water =
2 + 1 wheat cocoa beans + milk = 12 cookies
3 wheat sugar + 2 + 1 egg + milk = cake

4 Iron + 2 + 1 Redstone coal + water = 1500 battery energy
4 Iron + 4 + Redstone = 1 diamond reactor module
4 Iron + 4 gold dust + 1 = 1 Redstone uranium rod

6 The nuclear charge (nuclear bomb, 233) - is activated upon receipt of 100 energy (use the subject - the battery), and then the screen will display a countdown of 30 seconds. During the countdown, you can call it off, removing the bomb. After 30 seconds, if all chunks around bombs loaded, it will explode. An explosion that will leave the funnel radius of 40 blocks, and set fire to all surfaces. If, after the reference chunks will not be loaded, then appears "keep chunks around bomb loaded!" and the bomb will explode as soon as all the chunks are loaded. Generation of the funnel from the explosion takes 5-20 seconds. All mobs, assuming the player in a radius of 50 will burn for a long time, and will also be planted on him.

7 rubber tree harvester, id 234 - is used for the cultivation of rubber trees from seedlings. To do this, click on a seedling. One seedling with spend. After Hevea grow on it will cause staining of latex, until the mechanism is under the barrel of rubber trees.

8. Bee hive - works only during the day if it has bee queen in chest above, flowers around it and some bee drones in the chest. Slowely processes honey combs. You can accelerate it with more drones in the chest.

Interacting with mobs mechanisms:

mob slayer, 226 - only works if there is a chest on it, and have the energy. If within 6 blocks have animals as well as their amount exceeds specify the number (1-8, customizable key) kills one of them got fried drop and putting it in the trunk. 500 uses energy to kill, internal storage - 500 energy. Threshold amount of mobs to kill commonly used to leave 2 mobs to make up their numbers.

Auto-feeder (auto feeder, 227) - if within 2 blocks there are 2 or more monsters of the same type, use 2 wheat from the chest above it and creates a 3 mobs of the same type, then not work for a minute. With the help of auto feeders and destroyer of animals you can create animal auto farms.

Protection against monsters (defender, 228) - has monsters in a huge radius (32 blocks), uses 20 energy per 1 health monster leaves droop. May not cause the load.

  leash (leash, id 498) - has nothing to do other things of fashion, lets pull a mob until the leash in her hand. To engage the mob, click on it. Has a margin of safety, which is consumed as long as you drag a stubborn sheep, on average lasts for 12 minutes. Has the cheapest craft.
  key or wrench, id 500 - allows you to watch the energy level in the mechanisms. At the reactor shows heating, lighthouse switches modes in the generator matter shows the process of creation of matter.
  iron, gold, copper and tin dust - melted into ingots, also serve as a component of glowdust and reactor components.

steel ingot - smelt from iron, use it for craft base items. CANT BE SMELTED IN ELECTRIC FURNACE

copper and tin ingots - components of wire and other items.

machine block - base component of all machines

cirquit and advanced cirquit - component of most machined and some items
  uranium cell, 504 is used in the reactor to generate energy
  a cooler (cooling 60k helium cell, 505) is used in the reactor to cool it
  accelerator (overclocker upgrade, 506) is placed in the trunk of the macerator / electric furnace, accelerates 2 times, increases energy consumption by 3 times. can be somewhat
  module reactor (reactor module, 507) - is used for crafting advanced mechanisms and objects.
  matter (uu-matter, 508) - is produced in the generator matter. From it can be crafted very much, but the main purpose - craft iridium.
  iridium (iridium, 496) - a component for crafting iridium plates and nanosaber.

iridium plate - quantium armor component
  drill (drill, 509) - it like pickaxe and showel, but has a charge charged in the chest over energy storage. 800 uses 20 energy / use
  chainsaw (chainsaw, 510) - like axe, but has a charge charged in the chest over energy storage. 800 uses 20 energy / use
  quantum shield generator (quantium shield generator, 511), old item, with 3.3 its functions removed
  battery (battery, 498) - rechargeable thing. 10000 stores energy. By clicking on the device transmits energy into it in 1000. (portable storage)

  nanosablya (nano saber, 499) - Deals 20 damage per hit. Discharged, is still in the hand. Consumes 80 energy / sec, a full charge will last for 100 seconds. Charged in the chest over energy storage. 2 item in a fashion that is created from iridium.
  quantium suit - full set blocks all damage, while charged. Chessplate allows you fly using 30 energy per second, also it blocks fall damage, when you digging with drill or chainsaw, it will use quantium chessplate energy. Helmet allows you to breathe in water. Full armor element charge 90000. Armor uses 120 energy for one hurt.

  Sapling of rubber tree (486) - falling out of the leaves of rubber trees. Used in rubber trees growers to create new trees.
  Latex (485) - is collected via the outlet of Hevea is used to produce rubber.
  rubber (488) - the material for the wires and rubber helmet.
  Treetap (487) - collects smudges on the trunk of Hevea latex.
  Wire (489) - sets the block wires, also drops from it. The cable is now in the inventory - is the item.

Bee queen - base element of bee hive. Make it works. After 30 mins of working it will die and create new queen and extra drone.

Bee drone - accelerates bee hive's work
Bottle - can be empty or contain honey or mead.
after drinking honey or mead you will get bottle back. Can be used with barrels to full them or for getting liquid. Mead will give you health regeneration and disorientation.

Features of the script and how to troubleshoot:
  0 When you switch the time of day all the mechanisms stay. To proceed with the need to re-enter the world.
  1.none devices do not support double chests. chest would be complete if they are filled with the first 27 slots. remaining slots will not participate in treatment. You can use it to connect 2 transporters to one chest.
  2 if you click on the mechanism of the key words "not activated", or similar mechanism simply does not work, click on the mechanism of Redstone.
  3 if you feel that the energy is not transmitted by wire or objects through the pipes, then reinstall the pipes / wires that transmit energy
  4 version 2.3 lags from a large number of wires / pipes occur only when the wires / pipes and svyazyanyh with them devices.
  5 to 2.4 lags from working too many connections devices greatly reduced.
  6 Generators are a great load on the device, when working with large networks (> 5 units).
  7 If you are installing a script during the game (not in the main menu) it will not work, the message that the script is disabled. To activate reenter the world.


Factorization mod 3.3 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5
Factorization mod 3.3 for Minecraft PE 0.9.5

Download 483_factorization_3.zip


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