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IndustrialCraft PE Mod for Minecraft PE

The previous post was too large and can no longer accommodate the latest updates, so you can download the latest on IndustrialCraft PE here.

Previous updates (Main post): IndustrialCraft PE mod v2.0 for Minecraft PE
By: MineExplorer

Release Changelog:

Update that corrects a critical error when using recycled materials in a matter generator.

Release 2.0.10 Changelog:

Added mechanism storage interfaces.
- Updated the StorageInterface library. Added software interfaces to describe which items each slot on the mechanism can take, as well as which liquids the mechanism can receive and give. These interfaces were created for all machines, so now they only take items that can be processed, and liquid consumers can’t give it away.
The new library also fixed many bugs that were before, such as the ability to pump several different liquids into a tank or a liquid distributor.
Improved transportation of objects and liquids updated for compatibility with the storage facilities interfaces.
All improvements to the mechanisms have been added with tips with brief information about them.
Now you can put only those improvements that they support inside the machine.
Changed the windmill mechanics. More balance and realism.
- Energy generation depends on the strength of the wind, which randomly changes from 0 to 30.
- Windmill works only in the overworld.
- During rain, wind power increases 1.25 times, 1.5 times during a thunderstorm.
- Energy generation decreases depending on the number of blocks in zone 5 (in height) * 9 * 9 blocks centered in the windmill.
Integration with RecipeViewer has been moved, fixed recipe display errors.
Added a glass panel to the capsule recipe.
Added the sound of machines exploding due to high voltage.
Upon landing, the hover mode is turned off (a similar change was made in GraviSuite 1.5.1).
Boosters like usual improvements stack up to 64.
Many fixes.

IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.10 for Minecraft PE

Release 2.0.9 Sound Update Changelog:

Added reactor geiger counter sounds.
Fixed endless energy generation in the generator.
Fixed a bug when playing the sound of a nuclear bomb.
When you turn off the sounds of mechanisms in the mod config, some mechanisms still sounded.
Sound optimization.

IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.9

Release 2.0.8 Sound Update Changelog:

Added almost all the sounds of objects and mechanisms from the PC version.
Sounds can be turned off in the config:
- "sound_enabled" - all sounds;
- "machine_sounds" - mechanism sounds.
Nano-saber is turned on by a long press on the screen. It is discharged not only in the hand, but also in inventory.
Generators now save the percentage of fuel combustion and do not spend it if there is no consumer.
Induction furnace heating parameters are equal to the PC version, so now it heats up 2 times longer, and cools 2 times faster.
Thanks to the help of the Chinese community, item names in Chinese have been improved and translation of all messages has been added.

Release 2.0.6 Changelog:

Improved rubber tree generation: smoother and more beautiful tree crown, the height of tree blocks is from 3 to 8 blocks, rubber tree blocks no longer replace other blocks and a minimum of 5 blocks of free space is required for growth.
Rubber tree foliage no longer breaks when wood is broken, but gradually falls off like normal foliage.
Rubber tree foliage can be obtained with scissors or an electric saw, which now extracts any foliage.
The chance of falling out of rubber tree seedlings reduced to 1/25.
Rubber tree wood can be fried to produce a tropical tree.
Added rubber tree support to TreeCapitator.
All electrical objects and reactor components that store heat are added to creative with a strength strip, and the batteries are also discharged.
Copper and tin ore generation is no longer disabled when they are added by other mods.
Changed drop chance for some items.
Many fixes.

IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.6 for Minecraft PE
IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.6 for Minecraft PE
IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.6 for Minecraft PE

Release 2.0.5 Changelog:

Fixed a nuclear reactor bug, due to which it did not stop producing electricity after turning off the redstone signal.
Updated TileRender and BackpackAPI libraries.

Release 2.0.4 Changelog:

The nuclear reactor is now updated once per second. Previously, it updated every tick, due to which it worked 20 times faster than it should with the same energy output that could cause a drop in tps.
Rubber tree seedlings are turned diagonally like ordinary seedlings.
Rubber tree seedlings grow only if the light level is at least 9 (does not affect when using bone meal).
Cooling capsules and condensers stack at 64.
Boxes and protective container do not stack.

Release 2.0.3 Changelog:

Fixed crafting tight plates for compressor.
Only the following items can now be put in the tool box:
- any tools
- multimeter
- wires
Added fourth mode to the multimeter showing the difference between the energy received and transmitted by the block.
All heat exchangers and heat sinks stack at 64.
Reactor chamber cannot be placed adjacent to several reactors and vice versa.
Many fixes.

Release 2.0.1 Changelog:

Full quantum armor set protects against radiation.
Nuclear fuel rods and neutron reflectors stack 64 each.
Nuclear fuel rods give only 10 seconds of radiation.
At a reactor temperature of 85% of the maximum, not only neighboring blocks can melt, but the reactor itself, which will lead to its explosion.
An explosion of a nuclear reactor creates a radioactive region around itself, depending on the number of uranium or MOX rods and protection components (reactor plates, neutron reflectors).
The algorithm for dealing damage with a nuclear bomb explosion has been changed. Now, it falls in a quadratic function, not a linear one. In addition, the radius of the damage caused by a nuclear explosion was increased 1.5 times, from 20 blocks (radius of the crater), to 30. Radiation contamination radius is now 40 blocks.

IndustrialCraft PE Mod

Release 11 Changelog:

Fully functional mining laser with an energy storage of 1 million Eu and 7 operating modes.
Fixed a config where there were no new parameters for generating rubber trees, because of which they were not generated.
Fixed block breaking speed.
Fixed drills.

Pre-Release 10.1 Changelog:

- Fabricator changes
> Energy level reduced from 5 to 4 and now corresponds to the output voltage of MFSU.
> Can consume up to a million Eu per teak.
> Utility materials are used more optimally and without loss.

- Transformer will no longer accumulate an amount of energy equal to its input voltage
- Updated Energy Net Library
> Uniform distribution of energy between mechanisms.
> The function when overloading the power grid is now tied to the wire type.

IndustrialCraft PE Mod

Pre-Release 10.0 Changelog:

The update contains a large number of improvements, bug fixes and several new items, so it is highlighted in a separate version.

- Charging crystals
While in inventory, charge items in the hotbar. There are 4 chargers corresponding to each type of battery. There are 3 modes that are switched by long tap.
- Heat exchangers (chargers and night vision goggles crafting)
- Redesigned hevea seedling
Its code has not changed since the release of the mod, and now it has been completely rewritten making the hevea seedling the same as the seedlings in Minecraft.
- Hevea generation frequency can be changed in the config
- Now, the change of the iridium drill mode is carried out using the button
- Changed 3x3 mode in the iridium drill
Now it does not summarize the time of breaking blocks in the production zone, but takes the maximum of them.
- Energymeter renamed to multimeter
- Added tips with maximum voltage for the wires that they support
- Align tooltips (tooltips) under item names
- Translation of mod messages in chat
- Energy packs no longer charge objects that can give off energy
- A new module for the IPore.Tool API for adding wrenches and recipes with tools (like a hammer and wire cutter)
- Multiple balance edits and changes for a comfortable game
- Many Fixes and performance improvements

Pre-Release 9.1 Changelog:

Added energy meter

Allows you to measure the amount of energy and voltage that passes through a wire or mechanism. The interface is opened by tapping the block. Switched by turning the arrow in the interface.
It has 3 modes:
1) Energy input
2) Energy output
3) Voltage

IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 9.1
IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 9.1

Pre-Release 9 - Electricity Update Changelog:

This update makes a global change to the mechanics of electricity, and most likely this is the last update before release.

Fully rewritten code responsible for the transfer of electricity between mechanisms
Energy is transmitted in packets with a certain amount of energy and voltage
Each mechanism is assigned its own energy level, which is displayed in the tooltip under the name
The voltage depends on the energy level that the mechanism produces or can take. If it is greater than the maximum, the machine explodes
Wires are also separated by 5 levels for the maximum voltage they can accept. If it is greater than the maximum then the wires will burn
Added transformers to reduce voltage
Added the "Transformer" improvement which allows to increase the energy level of the mechanism
Added bare wires. The difference from the isolated ones is that the approaching mobs will be hit by their electric current

Other changes:

Added tesla coil. Deal damage to all mobs within a radius of 4 blocks. Damage depends on the coil charge (400 Eu per 1 damage, maximum 10.000 Eu charge and 25 damage) and does not depend on the number of mobs in the affected area
Added cooling capsules 30k and 60k, can be used instead of a 10k capsule when crafting accelerators, while saving circuitry
The amount of energy for objects is displayed rounded to thousands and millions, which makes it more readable

Pre-Release 8.4 Changelog:

Fixed white and black list modes for improved rig (did not work)
Added uranium block
Added correct localization of the mechanisms interface
Fixed many pre-release 8 update bugs
Steel plates and shells can no longer be crafted with a hammer
Steel plates can be melted into ingots
Compressor can compress diamonds and emeralds into blocks

IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod

Pre-Release 8 Changelog:

The mod goes to the finish line before the release. This update introduces many new mechanisms and changes.

Thermal Machines

New type of mechanisms based on the use of thermal energy. The basic component of crafting these machines is a heat exchanger (crafted with copper and rubber). It can be seen on the front side of the block as an orange square; this side conducts heat. Mechanisms can be rotated by pressing the key on the desired side. If you sit down at the same time, the mechanism will turn in the opposite direction.

Solid Fuel Firebox

Burns fuel to produce heat. As in the generator, the fuel burns 4 times faster than in a conventional furnace. Generates 20 heat energy units per tick. Ash appears after the combustion of fuel with a probability of 50%, which is not yet used.

Electric Heater

It converts electrical energy into thermal energy, in a ratio of 2 Hut per 1 Eu. It has 10 slots for coils. Each coil increases the energy consumption by 10 Eu/t, up to 100 Eu. 

Blast Furnace

Used to produce steel (the old melting iron recipe removed). For its operation, it is necessary to put it close to the heater, so that their orange squares touch each other and put iron (in any form) after which the furnace will start to heat up, consuming up to 20 Eu/t. When the temperature reaches a maximum, the recipe will start to run, and it will spend only 1 Hu/t for maintaining the temperature.

It takes 5 minutes and 6 capsules with compressed air to make one ingot. As a by-product, it produces slag, which can be processed in a thermal centrifuge and produce a small pile of gold dust and coal dust. At the same time, you will not be able to build a slag generator as in the PC version, because steel crushing now produces steel dust. For continuous heating of the furnace, it is necessary to give a redstone signal or insert the “Redstone Signal Inverter” improvement.

Mining and transportation of resources

Improved drilling rig

Multifunctional mechanism for mining blocks.The radius of work depends on the installed scanner - 16 or 32 blocks. You can turn on the silk touch mode and then all the blocks will be extracted entirely. In addition, it has the ability to configure a blacklist to ignore unnecessary blocks, or a white list for the extraction of certain items, for which there are as many as 15 slots in the center.

Fluid Distributor

It has 1 side from which it receives liquid and 5 sides to which it is sent. It can be turned with a key, just like heat machines. There is an interface where it is possible to extract liquid from it (stores 1 bucket of liquid) and switch to collecting mode (5 inputs, 1 output)

Reworked pump

Now it can pump out fluid over a large area (64x64). In the future there will be more machines from both categories.

Many fixes

IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod
IndustrialCraft PE Mod

How to install the IndustrialCraft PE Mod?

1. Download the mod and InnerCore (necessary launcher).
2. Open the mod using IC or move the mod to the mod folder.
3. Start the game.

Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 8
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 8.4
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 9.0
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 9.1
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Pre-Release 10.1
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0 Release 11
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.1 Release
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.3
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.4
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.5
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.6
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.8
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.9
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod 2.0.10
Download IndustrialCraft PE Mod


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