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Quarry Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

With Quarry Mod, you can forget about mines and caves once and for all. Now the quarry will take care of how to mine and even smelting ores and other blocks located underground. This is a full mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition running on InnerCore and compatible with superhits such as Industrial Craft 2 and others.

By: DDCompany

A quarry is more useful than tools:

One of your favorite machines might be a quarry. Everything is explained by the fact that you, as a player, will no longer need to mine blocks yourself. Build a quarry of 4 casing and 1 quarry block and also energize it to get blocks without doing anything.

How to build the quarry?

Build a mini structure as in the screenshot so that the quarry is ready to work. Since the quarry runs on energy, you need to connect it to an energy source (solar panels, generators, any connected source).

Quarry Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
As soon as the quarry is built and receives energy, put the mining tool in the first slot (diamond pickaxe, drill or any other tool for mining blocks). Everything is ready, the quarry is working and extracting blocks from the ground.


For flexible configuration, Quarry Mod adds a few more slots as in the Java version. Using the upgrade item, increase the range of the quarry (16/32/64 blocks depending on the number of upgraders). Put the lens in the quarry so that the extracted resources are melted automatically (iron, gold, etc.).

How to exclude some blocks:

Those who do not want to extract some blocks may include a blacklist (BL on the right). Fill out the blacklist with the blocks you want to exclude from the extract list. Whitelist (WL) works the other way around.

Crafting Recipes:

How to install the Quarry Mod?

1. Download and install Horizon (Minecraft PE launcher).
2. Open the app and install the InnerCore pack (via ModBrowser).
3. Download the mod and unzip it to /games/horizon/packs/Inner_Core/innercore/mods/ or use the ModBrowser library.

Download Quarry Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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