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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Advanced (Super) Solar Panels Addon v2.3 for Minecraft PE

Advanced (Super) Solar Panels Addon v2.3 for Minecraft PE

Advanced Solar Panels adds 8 (already more) cool solar panels and molecular converter! In the latest versions, new recipes and auxiliary mechanisms have been updated and added.

By: Niku Jagajaga

Super Solar Panels

> Spectral Solar Panel
> Singular Solar Panel
> Light-Absorbing Solar Panel
> Photonic Solar Panel

Advanced Solar Panels

Changes v2.3:

Fixed recipes not working in 1.16 before
Fixed Molecular Transformer
Adapted for playing in multiplayer with ICPE 2.3

Changes v2.0.5:

SP helmets have a charge indicator in creative
More optimized Molecular Transducer Model based on Animation Base

Changes v2.0:

New Solar Panels (Generates X Eu/t in the daytime, X Eu/t in the night, Storage: X Eu):

> Improved solar panel (8 Eu/t, 1 Eu/t, 32,000 Eu)
> Hybrid Solar Panel (64 Eu/t, 8 Eu/t, 100,000 Eu)
> Perfect solar panel (512 Eu/t, 64 Eu/t, 1,000,000 Eu)
> Quantum Solar Panel (4096 Eu/t, 2048 Eu/t, 10,000,000 Eu)
During rain they generate energy like at night.

Solar helmets:

Charge all armor from boots
> Improved SP-helmet: nano-helmet with improved solar panel
> Hybrid SP Helmet: Hybrid quantum helmet
> Perfect SP helmet: a quantum helmet with a perfect panel

Molecular transformer
Used to convert one item to another. Consumes a large amount of energy.

Crafting recipes:

Changes v1.0:

New Molecular Transformer Recipes.
Many fixes.

Advanced Solar Panels Addon
Advanced Solar Panels Addon
Advanced Solar Panels Addon

Changes v0.02 (the next branch):

Added Void mechanism. It is needed to create an improved Void crystal (later for other crafts).
Added MTM energy storage, holds 9,000,000,000 EU of energy.
Added Void Crystal and its improved model.
Added Ulthbrcore recipe (the last core).
Added recipes for the new items and blocks.
Fixed the amount of energy produced by the panels.

Changes v1.4:

Added helmets with improved solar panels:
1) Nano-helmet with an improved solar panel. It can be used for crafting of quantum helmets.
2) Quantum helmets with hybrid solar panels. These helmets first charge the armor from the boots, and only at the end they charge themselves.
Fixed crafting recipe of molecular transducer.

Changes v1.3:

The addon is ported for the IndustrialCraft PE mod v1.09.3.
Many bugs fixed.
Improved program code, changed the algorithm of the panels: now they work only when the sky above them is not closed by blocks (except transparent ones).
Added the remaining recipes of the molecular transformer.
Added config settings (config.json file is in addon folder):
Ability to change any parameter of panels.
Ability to include complex recipes and a simple recipe for an improved solar panel.

Changes v1.2:

- Improved Solar Panel.
- Hybrid Solar Panel.
- Perfect Hybrid Solar Panel.
- Quantum Solar Panel.
- Molecular Converter.
Molecular converter has the following crafting recipe:

Iron ingot -> Iridium ore;
Glowstone dust -> A piece of solar matter;
Glowstone -> Solar matter (whole);
Wither skeleton head -> Nether star;
Ground -> Clay block;
Sand -> Gravel;
Nether stone -> Gunpowder (2 pcs).

Changes v1.1:

- All recipes from the PC version were added to the molecular converter.
- Now you can charge your electric tools and armor set in solar panels.
- Hybrid and other panels can charge absolutely all power tools and armor. Improved panel can be used for a particular armor!

Fixed a typo which caused conflicts occurred pages.

Crafting recipes:

Advanced (Super) Solar Panels Addon v2.3 for Minecraft PE

Advanced Solar Panels v1.1 installation:

0) Install Factorization 5.2 (click).
1) Download and unzip the file.
2) Install the texture (Advanced Solar Panels.zip) from the archive.
3) Copy Advanced Solar Panels folder here: games / com.mojang / Factorization addons /.

Advanced Solar Panels v1.2 installation:

0) Install Minecraft 0.15.10/0.15.9 and BlockLauncher 1.13.3 (download).
2) Download and extract the archive using the link below.
3) Copy the "Advanced Solar Panels" folder here: games / com.mojang / mods /.

Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v1.1
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v1.2
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v1.3
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v1.4
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v0.02 (New)
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v1.0
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v2.0
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v2.0.5
Download Advanced Solar Panels addon v2.3
Download Super Solar Panels addon v1.0 Beta


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