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Horizon Launcher (WIP)

Horizon aims to maintain and improve everything that was created for Inner Core, while giving huge new opportunities for creating new content. This application also greatly improves the condition of mod developers, giving them not only a convenient environment and the ability to expand the capabilities of the engine on their own, but also the ability to make small profits from mods.

Key Features:

• New version of MCPE - 1.11
• Increased stability
• Backward compatible with old IC mods
• Ability to create multiple mod packs working independently
• Independence of the Inner Core update from Google Play
• Ease of developing modifications due to a specially written toolchain
• C++ and Java code in mods, full integration with Java Script
• Monetization features

What is Horizon?

Horizon is a platform for creating launchers / packs (stand-alone modified versions of Minecraft Bedrock, as well as some other games). It allows you to install several mod packs independent from each other at once, update, launch and develop content for them.

At the moment, the only launcher for Horizon is Inner Core on version MCPE 1.11 (1.14 Java Edition analogue). Its core has been completely rewritten from scratch and debugged under the new version, which will increase stability.

Horizon itself provides an interface for developing C++ low-level modifications, which in essence is the core of the new Inner Core. That interface will also be available to JS mods, as well as the core now has its own C++ API, so now anyone can expand the capabilities of the old API.

For ease of development, there is script toolchain for deploying a mod development environment with a customized Visual Studio Code environment, and for uploading them to Horizon. Documentation will be written for JS as well as C++. A monetization system that allows you to add one ad banner; that will allow modmakers to make a profit using AdMob for all who care about this.

In the end, it is worth mentioning the fact that although Horizon makes life much easier, the development task is still extremely complex and voluminous; without a deep understanding of how this happens, this cannot be achieved.

The project is close to completion, however, there are many small improvements left before and after beta test.


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