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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Crash Landing Modpack v3 (14 in 1!)

Crash Landing Modpack v3 (14 in 1!)

Crash Landing is a huge technical mod pack for Minecraft Bedrock, it's unlikely you've seen anything like it. All the mods work on Inner Core, which means wide possibilities and a lot of really cool mechanisms, objects, ores and much more. This Mod Pack includes 14 delicious mods which can be found on our website and download separately or learn detailed information and crafting recipes.

In the plot you are an astronaut, your spacecraft crashed during one of the flights. An empty, dead planet is what surrounds you. Precisely such events precede your further actions. Do not waste time and get to work!

First, check everything around you, try to find useful items. Then go to explore your new planet and at the same time try to plan a place where you will build a shelter and further farms and mechanisms.

Included mods:

6 For_IC(UMT)
7 Useful Tech
+ the Crash Landing map

The list of mods is really very wide: you can create complex mechanisms that consume energy or grow new fruits and then prepare a delicious juice. If you adore honey, then build hives and reproduce the bees. Additional mods will help you get sun energy rather quickly, transform it and connect it with the consumer.


Important: this mod pack can include outdated versions of some mods, so you can download the updated version yourself by clicking on the links. All links are listed, just click on the name of any mod.

Download Crash Landing Modpack for MCPE
Download Crash Landing Modpack v3 for MCPE


Johanns (22 September 2019 08:29)
Group: Guest
No la prove
Guest Alexis (19 July 2019 15:13)
Group: Guest
Puedo jugarlo en la version de windows 10?
this_is_ikanz (17 June 2019 10:57)
Group: Guest
fix the link pls i cant download v3
Juancruz (6 February 2019 08:44)
Group: Guest
sebas (30 January 2019 16:09)
Group: Guest
Si mola tio
Yony (14 December 2018 10:37)
Group: Guest
Me gusta

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