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Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Forestry PE is a global mod that adds beekeeping to MCPE, and in the next versions there will be forestry! It adds more than 100 items and about 30 new blocks. The code contains more than 3000 lines! Attention! This is a beta version so many items do not have use! Possible bugs!
Creator: ddcompany2015

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)
PreRelease 5.5:
Improved tanks registration code.
The maximum amount of received energy for some mechanisms.
Improved recipes registration.
Changed the size of some textures, removed unnecessary.
Changed ash texture.
Changed honey pot texture.
Rewritten fermentation machine logic.
Bulb plant stores 8 buckets of liquid glass.
Fixed copper ore generation.
Rewritten carpenter logic, changed interface.
Fixed HarvestCraftPE texture conflict.
Changed bronze tools IDs, renamed their textures.
Some items can be created in different parts of the crafting grid.
Rewritten centrifuge logic, changed its interface.
Removed unnecessary methods in ContainerHelper.
FancyGlass integration.
Rewritten juicer logic, interface changed.
New reusableCapsules option.
Added beekeeper's chest crafting recipes from different comb.
Added API for chests registration.
Changed apatite generation.
Rewritten humidifier logic.
Added bee animation for wild hives.
Added honey, fruit juice and butter buckets.
Improved localization.
Added cake crafting using milk capsules.
Added milk containers.
Changed standard beekeeping mode.
Forest and tropical hives spawn in trees.
Added hive generation debug mode.
Rewrite hive generation code.
Changed hive generation chance.
Rewritten distiller logic.
Breaking time for ores.
Added tips when loading the mod.
Changed project files structure.

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

PreRelease 5.4.1:
Bees with the 'creepe' effect create a real explosion.
Changed the capsules textures.
Damage when the destruction of hives.
Cycle time changed to 550.
Possibility to get oil from beet seeds.
Added tooltip for bees and frames.
New API for saving bee effects.
Added the beekeeping mode option to the config.
The ores are converted to the special opaque type.
Incorrectly specified flowers for tropical bees are fixed.
Changed the standard characteristics of some bees.
Changed the effects logic.

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)



Forestry PE main features

Blocks and mechanisms:

1. Hive (7 variations) is the source of new bees. You can find hives in different biomes.

2. Stained glass (16 types) is just a decorative block.

3. Apatite ore is the ore added by the Forestry PE mod. It contains from 1 to 5 apatite which is used for crafting mineral fertilizer. You can find at an altitude of 30 to 56 blocks.

4. Bee yard is the main block of the beekeeper. It allows you to cross bees and get products from them, does not require energy.

5. Centrifuge is the second most important mechanism. Without it, you can not process the honeycombs received from the bees in the apiary.

6. Juicer produces liquids from objects. For example, you need seeds of pumpkin, wheat or watermelon to produce vegetable oil, which is used to craft an impregnated body. It consumes 5 Eu/tick.

7. Fermentor is needed for the production of biomass from plant material (eg seedlings) and the primary fluid. The liquid may be fruit juice, honey or water. With the use of the first two liquids, the yield of biomass increases 1.5 times. Mineral fertilizer can serve as a reagent for fermentation (200 cycles) or mulch (250 cycles), consumes 5 Eu/tick.

8. Carpenter is a crafting machine, consumes 10 Eu/tick.

9. Electric lamp factory is a mechanism for crafting of stained glass and electronic lamps. It requires molten glass for all crafting recipes. It can be obtained if you put glass, glass panel or sand in the upper left slot. It requires 1000, and 3000 degrees Celsius (for sand) for glass and glass panels. If the temperature drops to zero, the molten glass will disappear from the buffer. The mechanism requires energy only for heating and consumes 15 Eu/tick.
10. Humidifier is a mechanism necessary for the production of mulch. Wheat gradually fades with water, passing through three stages of degradation: wheat turns into moldy wheat, then decaying wheat and eventually you get mulch. The speed of the transformation process depends on the illumination. The speed increases if it is very dark. The maximum allowable illumination is 11 points. Also, the humidifier can be used to create a mossy cobble, mossy stone bricks and mycelium.

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)
Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)


You can get bees by breaking wild beehives that are generated in the world. The princess drops with a 100% chance, and the drone with 80%. Other types of bees may also fall out with a 2% chance. Additionally, honeycomb can be dropped from a broken hive (80% -90% chance).

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)
Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Types of bees:

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Bees have the following characteristics:

1. Life expectancy.
One of the bees with the shortest lifetime is cultivated (10 cycles), and one of the largest is avenging (70 cycles). 1 cycle = 560 ticks = 28 seconds.

2. Fertility is the maximum number of drones left by a bee after its death. Usually this is 2 but for example, Wintry or Majestic have a fertility of 4.

3.Temperature is the preferred temperature of the biome when your bee will be able to work.
Hell - Nether world.
Hot - Desert.
Warm - Jungle.
Moderate - Swamp, forest, meadow, mountains, river, ccean, the end.
Cold - Taiga.
Icy - Tundra.

4. Humidity is the preferred humidity of the biome when your bee will be able to work.
High humidity - Jungle, swamp.
Normal - Forest, meadow, mountains, river, ocean, taiga, tundra, the end.
Arid - Desert, nether.

5. Adaptation to temperature. For example, if a bee needs a normal climate and has an adaptation to a temperature of 1 degree, it can work in a biome with a temperature above or below normal by 1 degree.

6. Adaptation to humidity.

7. Activity at night.

8. Activity in caves.

9. Good flyer is the ability of a bee to work in the rain

Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)
Forestry PE mod v5.5 (Minecraft PE) (IC)

Where to begin?

The main block of the beekeeper is the apiary. Put the princess in the left upper slot, and the drone in the lower one. The bees will disappear and begin to work if all the conditions necessary for their work are met. In the process of a bee's life, each cycle (560 ticks or 28 seconds) with some chance can produce honeycombs and other resources.

There is a chance that a mutation will occur and you get a different kind of bees after the death of your bees. For example, when crossing Meadows Princess and Forest Drona, you can get a Common Bee with a 15%.

How to install the Forestry PE mod?

Install Core Engine (link).
Install Industrial Craft PE (link).
Download the mod and unzip it to the /games/com.mojang/mods/ folder. The Forestry folder should be in /mods.

Download Forestry PE mod (Minecraft PE)
Download Forestry PE mod beta 2
Download Forestry PE mod beta 4
Download Forestry PE mod beta 4.2
Download Forestry PE mod beta 5.1
Download Forestry PE mod beta 5.2
Download Forestry PE mod beta 5.3
Download Forestry PE mod PreRelease 5.4.1
Download Forestry PE mod PreRelease 5.5


Mr.Keeney (8 February 2018 10:17)
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I would really like to use this mod but core is way behind on updates cause minecraft pe is at 1.2.9 if you could could you get core to get on the ball on updating there mod so i cam have my favorite mod for minecraft pc on minecraft pe

Industrial craft has updated to use innercore can you update your mod to do the same if not your going to be left be hind in the dust and start looking like you stopped working on the mod cause core engine is old and outdated and alot of mods have moved to inner core
derghamgamer (29 November 2017 07:55)
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Thanks for you
Hussain (21 August 2017 15:48)
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