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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)

Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)

The Mekanism mod is a collection of many mechanisms that use not only firewood as a source of energy. This modification works in conjunction with CoreEngine and is compatible with other industrial mods. Also, the mod adds a multi-stage ore processing system, the organization of automatic production, gases, as well as a new osmium resource.

Creator: ivan.grishin1
Changes in v3.0.1:
Added the ultimate energy cube.
Full compatibility with IC2 and TransportCraft.
Added the precision sawmill.
Mechanism energy is preserved when the block is destroyed.
Changes in v3 Alpha:
Updated GUI.
Fixed ores.
Fixed a crusher.
Fixed "recipe entry id is invalid: null".
The code is compiled into byte-code, which speeds up the work several times.

Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)

Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)

Changes in v1.0.3:
Added a basic energy cube.
Added an advanced energy cube.
Changed the panel.
Fixed crafting recipes.
Added an elite wire.
Added combiner (mechanism).

Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)



Heat Generator
Metallurgic Infuser
Solar Generator
Osmium Compressor
Enrichment Chamber
Basic Smelting Factory
Energized Smelter
Rotary Condensator
Electrolytic Separator
Pressurized Reaction Chamber

Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)


Base Universal Wire

The mod is in development so some mechanisms still have no purpose. The API allows you to create your own mechanism, your wires and electrical items.

Mekanism mod v3.0.1 (Minecraft PE 1.0)

How to create your own mechanism?


The mod contains the API for creating mechanisms, electrical objects and wires. To start write this code:
Var APIMEK = ModAPI.requireAPI ("APIMEK"); We connected to the API called APIMEK.


Write APIMEK.Machine instead of TileEntity, here's what you get:
APIMEK.Machine.registerPrototype (BlockID.your machine, {

Electrical item:

Create an item and write:
APIMEK.ChargeRegistry.registerItem (ItemID.Item,Maximum Energy,level);


IDRegistry.genBlockID ("wire ID");
Block.createBlock ("Wire ID", [
{Name: "Name", texture: [["Texture", 0]], inCreative: true}], APIMEK.EnergyJ.getWireSpecialType ());
Block.setBlockShape (wire ID, {x: 0.5 - CABLE_BLOCK_WIDTH, y: 0.5 - CABLE_BLOCK_WIDTH, z: 0.5 - CABLE_BLOCK_WIDTH}, {x: 0.5 + CABLE_BLOCK_WIDTH, y: 0.5 + CABLE_BLOCK_WIDTH, z: 0.5 + CABLE_BLOCK_WIDTH});

How to install the Mekanism mod?

1: Install the ICRender.apk.
2: Move the Mekanism folder to games\com.mojang\mods.
3: Start the game and play.

Download Mekanism mod (Minecraft PE 1.0)
Download Mekanism mod v0.0.4
Download Mekanism mod v0.0.5
Download Mekanism mod v1.0 (IC)
Download Mekanism mod v1.0.3 (IC)
Download Mekanism mod v3 Alpha (IC)
Download Mekanism mod v3.0.1 Alpha (IC)


Thalles (11 January 2023 06:11)
Group: Guest
Its a good
Adriana (7 November 2021 17:13)
Group: Guest
O modo é bem bom bem feito
Kayo (1 April 2021 07:01)
Group: Guest
Kalaindo (14 August 2018 03:30)
Group: Guest
Je veux installer se mod
Gopez (26 February 2018 21:58)
Group: Guest
Why do not i install this mod i do right but on minecraft pe does not show mod ad help

N?u minecraft pe n?ng c?p l?n phi?n b?n 1.2.10
N?n t?i phi?n b?n n?o c?a mod v?y !
Kskdkmddm djdndn sksjsjjs (13 October 2017 05:32)
Group: Guest
Hey why are there 2 languages
EnderShield (18 September 2017 17:22)
Group: Guest
Quote: Zaxh
Why is it not working? I moved the file to com.mojang\mods, and still nothing. I even activated texture and script on block launcher but it crashes. please get back to me soon

Did u download the core engine 1.2 beta yet? U need core engine to run this mod! Download the core engine 1.2 and apply it in the Modpe Script and restart the app!

The new update always have a lot I issue in it! A lot of decorations blocks when I put in the tool bar and chose it, it make the game crash!
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