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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Hockey Addon for Minecraft PE

Hockey Addon for Minecraft PE

This is the most advanced and well thought ice hockey you could see. Ice Hockey World Championship is over, the winners are known and now it's your turn to hold your own championship among MCPE players. There are no improvised sticks and balls, there is a puck and hockey sticks, as well as a hockey uniform and everything a hockey player might need.

By: Nogard_YT


Excellent hockey stadium
Hockey equipment
Sticks and puck
Working scoreboard
Changing room
Trophies for winners
Automatic scoring

Game process:

This is really ice hockey in the best performance for Minecraft Bedrock. Players wear a hockey uniform, take a stick and start the game. To do this, a puck appears in the center which must be at the gate of the opposing team in order for you to win.


The number of players must not exceed 5 in each team without a goalie. After each goal scored, you can see the final score on the scoreboard. Play together or recruit a whole hockey team to get your winning cup.

Download Hockey Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12.0


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