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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Magic Balls addon for MCPE

Magic Balls addon for MCPE

There are times when you need a weapon for attack or defense. So forget about it, the Magic Balls addon replaces the usual swords and bows with the magical balls that are used as enchanted weapons. They are very easy to use and instantly cause damage or effect. This is a great alternative to the bow that does not require reloading and arrows. There are 7 different magical balls for any task. For example, when you have low health use the health ball which forms a little cloud for a while. In general, the Magic Balls addon is a useful set of new items that can help you out in any difficult situation like all similar addons for MCPE.

Let's order from the most powerful to the most peaceful balls.

Magic Balls addon for MCPE

Explosive ball is a little thing more powerful than ordinary TNT produced a fire after an explosion. If you need to destroy the enemy or dig a deep pit, this ball is a great replacement of dynamite.

Lightning ball is not inferior to the previous one, also causes serious damage to the enemy. One lightning strike, and your enemy is dead.

Magic Balls addon for MCPE

Poisoned ball. Throw it in the mob band and after a while their health is reduced to zero. Ideal for silent killing of entire crowds of enemy.

Magic Balls addon for MCPE

Levitation ball. It's simple, throw the ball in any living being, and lift up your eyes. The more balls you throw, the creature will fly higher.

Freezing ball stops anyone for a while. Another kick unfreezes enemy.

Magic Balls addon for MCPE

Health Ball can restore your health. No, it's not a potion, the ball forms red cloud, which slowly adds to all living beings the health hearts. Try playing with your friends.

Download Magic Balls addon for MCPE


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