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Recipe Viewer Mod v5.0 for Minecraft PE [IC]

After you have installed your first global mod such as IndustrialCraft PE, you are sure to ask the question where to find the entire list of recipes or how to find out how the machine works.

By: nkjgjg

Changelog v5.0:

- Liquid update

Changelog v4.4:

- Added new recipes
- Fixes

Changelog v4.3:

- Updating the recipe list
- Fixes

Only a few players, after several hundreds of hours played, can craft mechanisms and objects very quickly, remembering each recipe. Therefore, Recipe Viewer is a must-have mod for beginners who do not know how to create a particular block, item, machine, material or anything.

All recipes at your fingertips:

Naturally, any of the huge mods has a wiki section with manuals and crafting recipes. But so you can not jump between the browser and the game, just add the Recipe Viewer Mod to your installed mods library. Modification allows you to see the recipe for the selected item without processing or destroying it.

Recipe Viewer Mod for Minecraft PE

How to use Recipe Viewer?

1. Open inventory
2. Tap the R button
3. Learn recipes for all the objects and blocks available in the game
Tap: Recipe
hold: Usage

This works with both objects and mechanisms. The mod supports almost all ported mods, including IC2.

How to install the Recipe Viewer Mod? (Horizon version)

1. Download and install Horizon (necessary launcher).
2. Open the app and install the InnerCore pack.
3. Download the mod and add it using the launcher.

Download Recipe Viewer Mod v1.0 for Minecraft PE
Download Recipe Viewer Mod v4.3 for Minecraft PE
Download Recipe Viewer Mod v4.4 for Minecraft PE
Download Recipe Viewer Mod v5.0 for Minecraft PE


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