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RedPower PE Mod Pre-Release 2e for Minecraft PE

RedPower PE is a very complex and multi-level modification from the creator of Industrial Craft PE which surpasses other IC mods and belongs to global Minecraft PE mods. Development began not so long ago and continues today, the first beta version should appear very soon, probably with the update of IC2!

By: vlad.gr2018

Changelog Pre-Release 2e:

Added funnel support using StorageInterface library
Added melting recipes support for RecipeViewer Mod
Added title translation of blocks UI

RedPower PE Mod Pre-Release 2e

Changelog Pre-Release 2b:

Updated all libraries.
Furnaces occupy one meta-date and the rotation is implemented through the ICRender model like ICPE.
Added thermocouple.
Now you do not need to live on the surface to use blutric mechanisms.
Thermocouple generates blutricity due to the temperature difference between water or ice and lava.
Improved basalt and marble generation. Now they are more common and marble is generated faster and with a more complex shape.
Added marble and basalt slabs.
Added indigo flower. Generated in the world on grass, can be obtained using bone meal on grass. Used to craft indigo dye, which replaces lapis lazuli in crafting as a dye.
Added flax. With a small chance, drops out of grass. It grows to two blocks high, is a source of thread.
Added canvas bag. Stores 27 items. 64 threads are required for crafting.
Added seeds bag. It has 9 slots, but can only store seeds of the same type. The interface opens with a long tap on the screen. Plants seeds within a radius of 2 blocks.
Sickles work with plants from mods.
Fixed names of some LEDs

As already mentioned, this is a very massive mod therefore obtaining new resources and their processing will include several stages. In general, to craft something powerful you will need a lot of time and effort and also patience and knowledge of how to correctly turn one element into another. In the future, more mechanisms and generators will be added.


New ores:

Copper and tin
Silver - generated at a height of up to 32 blocks. Can be crushed in a crusher from the ICPE mod
Tungsten - generated at the height of diamond ore, but occurs two times less often
Nicolitic - generated as redstone ores, drops 4-5 nicolites which is a source of blue-energy
Green sapphire

New tools:

Sickles - break plants 5x5 and foliage 3x3x3 blocks
Atam - a silver knife, deals 20 damage to endermen, is ineffective against other mobs
Rubies, sapphires and green sapphires tools

Decorative blocks:

Marble and marble bricks
Basalt - an analogue of the stone but with a higher explosion resistance, is able to withstand the creeper explosion (but not TNT). Occurs near lava lakes deep under the ground. Basalt can be basalt brick, carved basalt brick and basalt tiles


This is an electricity analog in RedPower. It is a blue energy stream, the source of which is nicolite. A blue alloy forms when melting nicolite with silver which is the conductor of bluenergy.


Silicon monocrystal: obtained in a melting furnace from sand and coal. This recipe is based on a real method of obtaining silicon. The sand melts and the silicon oxide contained in it reacts chemically with carbon, during which carbon takes oxygen from the silicon oxide and turns into carbon dioxide. The remaining molten pure silicon cools down to crystallize.

Next, a silicon monocrystal must be cut with a diamond hacksaw on silicon boards. Using them you can make red boards (will be used in crafting of mechanisms for objects transportation) and blue boards.


Solar panel - 2 times more efficient than the IC2 panel.

Energy storage

Battery - an item that stores energy
Accumulator battery - a unit that stores energy. Storage capacity: 4 batteries. The charge is displayed on the sides.

Bluenergy furnace - 2 times faster than a normal furnace.
Bluenergy melting furnace - 2 times faster than a melting furnace.

Melting furnace and sickles

The melting furnace serves for melting alloys and melting down metallic things (including undamaged tools and armor) into ingots.

Sickles extract plants on an area of 5x5 and foliage in a 3x3x3 cube.

Crafting recipes:

RedPower PE Mod Pre-Release 2e for Minecraft PE

How to install the RedPower PE Mod?

1. Download the mod and InnerCore.
2. Open the mod using IC or move the mod to the IC mods folder.
3. Start the game.

Download RedPower PE mod for Minecraft PE - Pre-Release 1
Download RedPower PE mod for Minecraft PE - Pre-Release 2b
Download RedPower PE mod for Minecraft PE - Pre-Release 2e


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