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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Crafting Dead PE v2.05 for MCPE 1.7+

Crafting Dead PE v2.05 for MCPE 1.7+

Zombie apocalypse takes a leading position among the versions of the end of the world. You, as one of the survivors on earth, will have to fight against the threat in Crafting Dead PE. This addon implements hostile mobs (zombies like in TWD) as well as new weapons for confrontation. Because of the small addon features in Minecraft BE, the addonmaker tried to make it so that zombies are not boxing bags.
By: RedstoneLover

Crafting Dead PE v2.05 for MCPE 1.7+
Changelog v2.05:
Walkers move more slowly, and runners can jump on their victims.
New sounds for survivors.
New active radius for zombies.
Some other changes such as loot and stuff.
Changelog v2.0:
Changed the weapon names.
Small bug fixes.
Support for Minecraft Bedrock 1.6.
In fact, if you could survive and get new weapons and armor then zombies will become for you the same threat as pigs or cows. But if you just started playing, you have nothing that can damage or protect your body parts, then you should think about how you can hide and become stronger as quickly as possible.


If you want hardcore then try the DayZ addon for Minecraft PE replacing a lot of mobs on walkers, vampires and mutants.

How to install Crafting Dead PE?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Crafting Dead PE v1.0 for MCPE 1.1+
Download Crafting Dead PE v2.0 for MCPE 1.6+
Download Crafting Dead PE v2.05 for MCPE 1.7+


RedstoneLover (8 September 2018 16:08)
Group: Guest
Uhh, hey. Just don't post without my permission again. If I want to post it to a Minecraft fansite, I'll post it myself. Also don't ask for permission, because I'll NEVER give permission, lol ;)
RedstoneLover (3 July 2018 01:55)
Group: Guest
Ah, oh well. I should really stop being such a hothead, sorry if I was a little mad there.
RedstoneLover (28 June 2018 00:54)
Group: Guest
HEY!! You didn't give me credit!! Who's the uploader!?
Fernando (7 June 2018 10:58)
Group: Guest

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