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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2

Survival continues and this time you will appear in a ruined world where there are only small groups of people who have survived. The whole world is against you, so you can only rely on themselves. Addon adds a main part of DayZ that will change the game so that you will be afraid to go out the door without a weapon.

New mobs (civilians bandits, zombies) and different weapons ideally suited to the concept of the game and you will see some resemblance to the real DayZ. Below is a list of new items consisting of weapons and armor. Probably new items, creatures, and music will be added in future versions. Meantime you can feel yourself in a survival environment using specially selected weapons and costumes.

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2
Changes in v2.0:
Support for Minecraft PE 1.2.
Added guard dogs.
Items have correct names.
The new weapon is Molotov cocktail.
More canned food to restore health.
Villages have been converted into settlements where the survivors live. They can trade with you but are defenseless in case of an attack.

How to get a gun?

Kill the monsters and pick up new weapons and armor. Some weapons have a certain effect such as a throwing knife. Since this is the addon, there are no crafting recipes, so the only way for you to drop it.


AK47 is the most popular weapon for survival. Use it if you want to destroy a crowd of zombies. The main advantage is the lack of ammo.
M4A1 is some semblance of the Kalashnikov but it has a high rate of fire and uses ammo.
The pistol is a weapon for close combat, which can kill the enemy a few shots.

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2

Explosives and melee weapons:

Usual grenade. It would be better if you collect a certain amount of grenades, it's the perfect weapon for killing zombies immediately.
Throwing knife works like a snowball, but does more damage.

New armors:

There are 3 different military suit for different situations. They have different parameters (from the iron armor to gold). Remember the zombies cause fairly high damage so take care of armor.

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2


You will find 3 new groups of mobs:

The surviving people. They live in villages and do the same work as regular villagers. Use this seed (1942778602) with a small village and run this place. Protect each of survivor because zombies can infect them, and then it will turn into zombies.

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2

Bandits is aggressive people attacking you at every meeting. They have guns and will shoot without warning. Also, they can attack survivors.

Zombies are the most numerous mobs in the DayZ addon. There are so many and they always spawn during the day and night. Do not be so sure of themselves, zombies are very dangerous especially if more than one. Zombies will attack you in any way, use new weapons to defend themselves.

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2

Guard dogs are designed to protect their owners and perform commands like ordinary dogs. Several such dogs will be useful for you during walks and help if the enemy is much stronger. Use bones to tame the dog.

DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2

The DayZ addon is a good adaptation of the zombie apocalypse for Minecraft PE. Do you like zombies? Then this the addon can be very useful. This is not the latest version, wait for new features and items in the future.

How to install the DayZ addon?

Download the archive and unpack it.
Start the game and activate the downloaded files in the world settings.

Download DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.0.0/
Download DayZ addon for Minecraft PE 1.2+ [6.52 Mb]


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