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Loot Bags mod [Minecraft BE]

Survival with Loot Bags mod will not only be a complex but pleasant process. Fights with mobs will be much more interesting because now cool bags fall from bad creatures. Their use will give you many useful and rare things. But first let's see what bags exist. Firstly, there are five types of bags that differ in content and in the chance of drop.

By: Malex

Loot Bags mod [Minecraft BE]


Ordinary - drops from mobs with a 1/3 chance. Basically these are unnecessary things
Unusual - drops from mobs with a 1/10 chance. Also crafted from 9 ordinary. Basically these are the most usual things
Rare - requires 9 unusual bags for crafting. Basically good things
Epic - requires 9 rare bags for crafting. Contains only effects, it is recommended to use before going to dungeon / battle
Legendary - does not have a crafting recipe, drops from mobs with a 1% chance. Basically very good things, however lava can spread, as lucky

Loot Bags mod [Minecraft BE]
Loot Bags mod [Minecraft BE]

In addition, there is a challenge: you need to collect all the mob heads, but this is almost impossible to do in one day. 2 heads are in a legendary bag, you will need a lot of patience to get them.

Loot Bags mod [Minecraft BE]

How to install the Loot Bags mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Download the mod [.icmod].
3. Open it using IC.

Download Loot Bags mod


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