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Download Minecraft PE 1.10 Release

Improved residents behaviorIn fact, it would be nice to first wait for the full release of Minecraft and only then collect information about the next version, but Mojang releases updates so quickly that the previous versions do not have time to get the release. This applies to MCPE 1.8 which is currently still in beta state.

Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0

This can be said about Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.10 - most likely it will receive this particular number, although there may be changes the same as in version 1.3. 1.10 (1.20) is also one of the intended names after 1.9. Before developers take on its creation, we can only guess what content will be included in the next update.

Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0

What name it will receive, we also do not know, but there are some details about which we have heard before. This article will become the bank of all information about MCBE 1.10 and some rumors that very often become a reality.

Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Based on the practice of previous updates, most likely the developers will choose the biome following the taiga for the next update. This could be a desert, icebergs, or even caves that could have been updated in version 1.8.

Minecraft PE 1.10 Changelog:

Cave Update

Stalagmites and stalactites
New ores
Minerals and rare stones
Cave creatures
New cave plants
Cave exploration items (lanterns, ropes, tools for climbing, etc.)


Desert Update

New structures including pyramids
Desert Plants
New mobs, maybe giraffes, rhinos, zebras
New sand properties


Iceberg Update

New conditions for survival at low temperatures
Frost and snowstorms
Penguins, new fish, seals and other mobs
New snow properties
Rare ore which can only be in the snow
Snow caves
Big Foot?

Some screenshots (how it might look):

Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Minecraft PE 2.0
Anyway, one of the following biomes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.10 will receive an update interesting to all players. Add the article to your favorites and wait for more news about the new global update.

Minecraft PE 1.10.0 Release Changelog:

New blocks & items:

Added stripped wood blocks and wood missing types.
Added lantern, loom, lectern (everything is working).
Sweet berries.
Added campfire.

New mobs:

Cat Jellie.
Wandering trader.
Illager beast.

New weapons & armor:

Added shields (+ effects and charms).

Other improvements, mechanics:

New villages (improved generation, new structures).
New professions.
Human behavior (the ability to sleep, work, communicate, and so on).
Generated pillager outposts.
Generated bamboo jungle.
Multiple changes, only basic highlights are listed here.

Minecraft PE Changelog:

Redesigned smithing table.
Over 30 bugfixes.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE Changelog:

This is the first beta with a lot of changes.

New Mobs:

Wandering trader and his llama
Illager beast
Jellie cat
New villagers

New Blocks, Items & Weapons:

Loom block
Wood and Stripped wood blocks

New Plants:

Berry Bushes

New Structures:

Renovated villages with new buildings


New crafting recipes (for the new mechanism-blocks)
Improved villagers behavior
Scripting server update
Dead Bush can be used as fuel in furnaces
Rabbit soup has a recipe
Zombie villager skins
Big JSON changes
New pillager sounds
And other changes

So far, the new blocks are not functional; wait for the next updates, MCPE may be.

Wandering Trader:

You will be glad to this trader as he does not often appear in villages and if you see him, then know that he will spend no more than three days in the village. After this time, he will leave the settlement and go to another place, so have time to buy something useful from him. This villager is added for a reason, he sells many rare things that are difficult to find in survival.

Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE


We have already written about the shields in previous posts, but if in brief it is a Java-like system implemented in Minecraft Bedrock Now you can craft the shield and get more defensive properties by hiding behind the shield. It will save you from arrows and some blow that will be extra protection in difficult battles.

Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download the game from the links below and tell about the bugs in the comments.

Download Minecraft PE 1.10 (Android)
Download Minecraft PE 1.10 (iOS)
Download Minecraft PE 1.10 (Win10)
Download Minecraft PE (Android 4.2+/84 Mb)
Download Minecraft PE (x86/90.6 Mb)
Download Minecraft PE (Modded/87.3 Mb)
Download Minecraft PE (Android 4.2+/87.2 Mb)
Download Minecraft PE (Modded/87.3 Mb)


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