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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » High Block State for Minecraft PE

High Block State for Minecraft PE

High Block State is a modern and colorful place of the 21st century where all the attributes of a large metropolis are gathered. Opening the map you will find 3 small parts of the state connected together due to the roads; look for road pointers to get from one part to another. The architecture of this city is based on cities from the real world: skyscrapers neighbor with small institutions, cafes and restaurants, and in the back you will see residential buildings.

By: HighBlock_State

Changelog - December_1st Update:

A huge number of changes
Added new buildings and infrastructure

High Block State is constantly expanding and becoming more and more. This is clearly visible on construction sites and cranes, be sure to visit these places before updating the map. To easily navigate through the cities there is an extensive network of roads linking the main places.

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Download High Block State for Minecraft Pocket Edition
Download High Block State (December_1st) for Minecraft Pocket Edition


DelTaco24 (27 February 2019 13:57)
Group: Guest
This map is nice and it gave me a bit of inspiration for my city

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