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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » The Switcher Map for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.14

The Switcher Map for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.14

The Switcher is more intelligent survival compared to its SkyBlock prototype for Bedrock. In the original game, you also survive on a tiny island where the maximum shortage of resources. The same rules are set here, but with one condition. You can get new resources only thanks to the switcher that works as a trader. It exchanges your item for another, see the guide book for a little understanding of the exchange principles.

By: DanRobzProbz

Where to start and how to play?

If you have already played any SkyBlock (original or modified) then you know about the rules of the game. Spawn is located on an island where there is practically nothing but the base and a chest with resources. In The Switcher there is only a tree that is the starting resources.

Start by creating your future plan and life development a few days in advance. Think about every little thing and always focus on the exchanges that The Switcher offers you.

The Switcher Map for Minecraft PE
The Switcher Map for Minecraft PE

Challenges of Survival:

In addition to the danger of falling down (you lose everything), there is an option for the development of events when all your resources are exhausted and further life is impossible. Think through everything from start to finish and do not forget the basic needs.

How to install The Switcher Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported.

Download The Switcher Map for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.14


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