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SSS map for MCPE 1.2

Most maps on our website offer various features such as giant cities, fantastic structures or mini games. All the maps are beautiful and interesting in their own way, but unfortunately they are absolutely not suitable for simple and measured survival. SSS (Super Sweet Survival) is a place prepared for you intended for a quiet and peaceful life away from megacities and bustle.

SSS map for MCPE 1.2
SSS map for MCPE 1.2
SSS map for MCPE 1.2

Of course, you will not be bored and stay in the house. There are natural locations around you for research, but not everything is as peaceful as it may seem. You not only need to find them but also defeat monsters that are guards.

SSS map for MCPE 1.2
SSS map for MCPE 1.2
SSS map for MCPE 1.2

Many places on this map are connected by paths, navigate through them and you will never get lost. If it's hard for you to remember where your house is or if you want to keep a couple of important structures then install the WayPoints mod.

Download SSS map for MCPE 1.2


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