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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » WayPoints mod for Minecraft PE

WayPoints mod for Minecraft PE

WayPoints mod is a good helper for those who consider survival in MCPE difficult enough or just do not want to run much. The modification adds a small B button to the screen's corner that allows you to create points in any world and dimension. There is a limit that allows you to create a maximum of 9 different TP points but not more.

By: savenkons

WayPoints mod for Minecraft PE

The interface is quite convenient, tap the button and select the action. You can:

1. Change the name. Allows you to change the name of a point not yet created, the ability to edit the name is disabled after creation.

2. Create (+). Stand where you want to save the coordinates and set the teleportation point.

3. Teleportation.

4. Remove point. Deletes the point and returns the ability to edit the name.

WayPoints mod for Minecraft PE

Also, the WayPoints mod allows you to make some adjustments.

hand_can_show_gui [true/false] - if you do not see the W button for some reason, you can activate this function and the interface will open when you sneaking and tap on any block with an empty hand.

alert_debug_values [true/false] - displays all actions performed by the player.

How to install the WayPoints mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Download the mod [.icmod] and open using IC.

Download WayPoints mod for Minecraft PE


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Very nice
zead (11 June 2018 13:14)
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