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SAC (AntiCheat) for Minecraft PE 1.16

Watching cheaters destroy everything that they touch on your server, you can activate SAC (Simple Anti Cheat) and deprive them of the possibility of using certain illegal privileges. SAC is built on the function packs model, which means that it has a lot of restrictions in the definition of cheats and hacks, but anyway it is the first creation that makes it possible to remove dishonest players.

By: d6b

AntiCheat Features:

Summarizing the features, SAC can identify more than 10 hacks available in any form, be it BL cheats or Addons and Packs. It does not make a decision about blocking the suspected player, but it will tell you who uses the prohibited cheats. Below is a list with all the features.

• antibot
• flight
• fly
• gamemode
• jesus
• killaura
• liquidwalk
• phase
• speed
• xray

SAC (AntiCheat)

How to install the anticheat?

Simple Anti Cheat, unlike third-party plug-ins, is a function pack that is officially supported by Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The installation process is no different from installing other .mcpack add-ons, just open it using the game.

After that, type /function sac /help to get all the features offered by the anti-cheat.

Download SAC (AntiCheat) for Minecraft PE 1.16
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