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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Invisible Frames pack for MCPE 1.X

Invisible Frames pack for MCPE 1.X

Do you often use frames in Minecraft PE to hang this or that object on a wall? This pack replaces just one thing that completely changes the view of the frames. Previously, you saw a square wooden bar in front of the displayed object, but now it will not be there. This resource-pack does so that the frame becomes invisible, but all its properties are preserved.

By: JEBR_Gaming

Invisible Frames pack for MCPE 1.X

You also can:

  • Attach objects to the wall
  • Rotate items in the frame
  • Destroy the frame and use again

The only thing you need to pay attention to is almost completely transparent texture. Do not forget where you hanged the frame and navigate by the silhouette when hovering. It is possible to place only one item in one frame as before, the type does not matter.

How to install Invisible Frames?

1. Open the game and go to settings.
2. Activate the texture pack.

Download Invisible Frames pack for MCPE 1.X


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