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Plastic Textures (Minecraft PE Bedrock

Now all the constituent elements of each world will turn into plastic. The Plastic texture pack is successfully mixed effects that create the feeling that each block is plastic. There is no gloss or iridescent surfaces, there are also no small details, so you might think that the textures have been simplified many times.

Changelog Beta 4 and 5:

New glass, pumpkin, jews, other blocks
Support for Minecraft PE 1.11

Changelog Beta 3:

Added a lot of missing blocks and items
Works on Minecraft PE 1.10 Beta but without new things

This version of the pack replaces all items and blocks and icons for them. This style relieves tension especially after really large texture projects for MCPE.

How to install the Plastic Textures?

1. Download the file and open it using the game.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Plastic Texture pack for Minecraft PE 1.2
Download Plastic Texture pack for Minecraft PE 1.9/1.10
Download Plastic Texture pack for Minecraft PE 1.11


Bảo (13 December 2019 08:36)
Group: Guest
REEEEEEEEEEEE (19 November 2019 07:19)
Group: Guest
U lie.
F.U. (31 March 2018 21:16)
Group: Guest
Wtf? This is the worst clickbait ever
Miker (18 February 2018 06:05)
Group: Guest
there is no fucking download for this idiot!
Pablo (8 December 2017 06:08)
Group: Guest
You lied at the thumbnail. How dare you

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