» » Realistic World Shadow Shader for Minecraft Bedrock 1.12/1.14

Realistic World Shadow Shader for Minecraft Bedrock 1.12/1.14

Here is one of the best shader options for Minecraft Bedrock Edition compatible with any smartphone, regardless of operating system. Perhaps the next update MCPE 1.15 will get something similar in the default version, but for now you can enjoy the perfect shader that preserves the vanilla atmosphere and also brings realism.

By: RWSPE Shader (YouTube)

Why is Realistic World Shadow so good?

This shader does not carry anything extra: there is no super smooth fog consuming a lot of memory, no multifunctional tracing, there are also no many high-end features suitable only for smartphones with new gen processors. This is the most common set of options working on any 2GB RAM+ devices.

The other side of this shader is the correct setting. In many other shaders, there are inaccuracies in gamma, too bright dawn or dark sunset. Tested on Android, no problem.

Graphics with shader:

How to install the Realistic World Shadow Shader?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Select Global Resources and activate the file.
3. The shader is installed!

Download Realistic World Shadow Shader for Minecraft Bedrock


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