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Realistic World Shadow Shaders v0.1 for MCPE 1.12

Realistic World Shadow is currently one of the latest shaders working on Minecraft Bedrock 1.11 Release & 1.12 Betas. But do not expect to see simple shaders that replace only the sun and add some shadows. This shader has a very big potential, it belongs to the most popular category - realism. To understand what this shader looks like, just go below and look at the screenshots.

Some features:

First of all, it is very cool and realistic lighting. Any biome, any blocks and any time of day look incredibly beautiful. It is very difficult to achieve such a result without additional textures, so the shader replaces some with more realistic ones.

This is typical of liquids, celestial bodies and some blocks. The difference between vanilla and Minecraft PE with shaders installed is huge. But before you download and test them, you need a device with 2GB or more of RAM. Devices with less memory have not been tested so there is no guarantee that everything will be ok.

What is Realistic World Shadow?

How to install the Realistic World Shadow Shaders?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Realistic World Shadow Shaders for MCPE 1.12
Download Realistic World Shadow Shaders v0.1 for MCPE 1.12


Jatin.v (4 September 2019 07:20)
Group: Guest
Shader is not working, i am using mcpe Its show only air block, mobs, few items like chest n spawner. Please fix it
Markus (16 August 2019 10:15)
Group: Guest
You should animate the shadows for different times, and you should add a player shadow. Otherwise it is great.
TUDEPZAI258 (13 August 2019 20:43)
Group: Guest
Jasper de Jong (12 August 2019 03:48)
Group: Guest
I love it
DFGA (10 August 2019 16:25)
Group: Guest
Eed (15 July 2019 19:57)
Group: Guest
How to download
Monkee1963 (30 June 2019 13:52)
Group: Guest
It would be nice if you could ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD THIS
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