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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » Lighting Shader Pack for Minecraft PE 1.16+

Lighting Shader Pack for Minecraft PE 1.16+

In one click, you can change the color of lighting in Minecraft Bedrock using this shader pack. It offers 4 new lighting colors instead of a single light yellow. What does this mean for you? Choosing a color, everything that emits light will be colored in your favorite color, be it one of those presented.

By: Bluelight Creatives & Bluelight Studios

Torches, lamps, lights:

Any object or entity that emits light is influenced by this shader. Before installing the shader, determine the color you want to see wherever there are objects emitting light. It can be red, blue, yellow or green to your taste. Please note that each of the colors has special shades that create the impression of a smooth distribution of light.

What about combining with other shaders?

Regardless of the color of lighting, this shader is a standalone project designed for all available platforms. If you have enough skills to create your own shaders for Bedrock and want to see new lighting in your own game, then try to do this by combining several shaders, but only for personal use.

How to install the Lighting Shader?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Select Global Resources and activate the file.
3. The shader is installed!

Download Yellow Shader for Minecraft Bedrock
Download Blue Shader for Minecraft Bedrock
Download Red Shader for Minecraft Bedrock
Download Green Shader for Minecraft Bedrock


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