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Russian World RP Server for Minecraft Bedrock

The creators of the server had the idea to recreate the real world in the Minecraft PE universe. Many places: city hall, police station, building materials store, gun shop, grocery, cafes, apartment buildings, mansions, hospital, gas stations, military base and much more! Play as a mafia, police, army, be a physician, politician or the most influential and wealthy man in history.

Ranks, professions:

A special ranking system that works on the basis of server economics will help to play your role. As soon as you join the server you are homeless and you have to climb the career ladder. Each rank (except the homeless) is given a salary every 10 minutes (for example, the General of the Army receives $ 9,000), the amount of salary received depends on the significance of your rank, the higher the rank, the higher the salary. To earn game money there is a dug mine and a warehouse.

Russian World RP Server for Minecraft Bedrock
Russian World RP Server for Minecraft Bedrock
Russian World RP Server for Minecraft Bedrock

How to get a job?

Find a specific building and select the role you want to play, tap on the joining block and start your role! We advise you to purchase weapons in the gun store in order to fight off the mafia and those you don’t like.

Shops and stuff:

In order not to die of hunger you will have to visit grocery stores. In apartment buildings you can buy your own apartment and decorate it as you like! One of the shops sells strong drinks and cigarettes! Invite your friends and join the ranks of the brave defenders of the city or become a criminal and create chaos!

IP: s.myruwolrd.ru:12091


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