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x8 Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed combines 8 structures at once generated without the help of a player, that is, in a natural way. To get to each of the structures you will have to use the following coordinates, but how to get there (commands or foot travel) is up to you.

Presented structures:

Underwater monument
Igloo (coord: 700 93 -390)
Winter Village (available only in MCPE 1.12) (coord: 462 81 -706)
Outpost and Pillagers
Plain Village (coord: 970 66 -740)
Shipwreck (coord: 980 64 848)
Underwater fortress
Dungeon (coord: 704 57 -392)

Start by exploring the first structure - underwater monument where you can get some valuable items. Then go ahead to the coordinates and take away everything that may be useful to you during further survival.

This seed works only on Minecraft PE and later versions. Also turn on experimental mode.

Seed: 262834868


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