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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Roost PE Mod for Minecraft [IC]

Roost PE Mod for Minecraft [IC]

Roost PE is a ported Pocket Edition modification on InnerCore, bringing a set of very important items and blocks to any chicken farm. You can continue to develop a fenced chicken coop by repeating the same actions over and over again, or take this mod and automate the process by increasing your farm at times.

By: timrwood
Ported by: nkjgjg

1.Chicken Catcher:

The catcher allows you to catch chickens and store them in your inventory as separate entities instead of luring them. Use it to catch the required number of chickens and then place them in chicken roost.


Place the caught chicken in it for further action. All drop remains inside until you take it out of there.

Roost PE Mod for Minecraft

3.Chicken Breeder:

This is a block where chicken breeding has a user-friendly interface. Now you know exactly how long to wait without wasting extra seeds.

4.Roost Collector:

By analogy with a hopper, a collector attracts all items dropped in a 9x9 area.

Crafting recipes:


How to install the Roost PE Mod?

1. Download the mod and InnerCore.
2. Open the mod using IC or move the mod to the IC mods folder.
3. Start the game.

Download Roost PE Mod v3.0.1 for Minecraft


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