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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Chicken Catcher Map for Minecraft PE 1.12

Chicken Catcher Map for Minecraft PE 1.12

A fun mini-game which can be seen in GP or the AppStore on top positions and leaders of the month. Chicken Catcher requires only a few of your skills and none of them apply to parkour. There you will receive an armor stand that is designed for one purpose. Try to remember any game where you need to catch objects falling from above. So, Chicken Catcher is almost identical to such games but it was created in Minecraft PE, game in game.

By: BrosephMC

Rules and gameplay:

You start in the room where there is an armor stand, a button and some other elements giving upgrades. Take the armor stand under your control by tapping the button and the game will automatically begin. The essence of the game is catching chickens falling down.

Move the catcher from side to side to collect as many chickens as possible and earn maximum points. The game is divided into levels so you will move from one to another if you do not lose.

Download Chicken Catcher Map for Minecraft PE 1.12


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