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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft) for Minecraft PE [IC]

SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft) for Minecraft PE [IC]

Hi all! I would like to give some info about my mod. Although it is called SpacesCraft, it can be Galacticraft because in general terms it is. Outwardly, this is the Galacticraft project, abandoned for a long time, but with a lot of new things: items, new crafts and much more (expected in pre-alpha 1.8). And I do not want to say that I am the creator of the main mod or claim it in any way, respecting the credits.

By: micdoodle8

SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft) for Minecraft PE
SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft) for Minecraft PE

Changelog v0.4 build-2:

This update brings a huge number of things:

• Canisters
• Liquids
• Coal generator
• Fuel loader
• Centrifuge
• Oxygen storage (can collect gas, oxygen)
• Infinite battery (not yet completed)
• Some unfinished devices
• Wire connections
• Planet Vic A 1
• Satellite Vic A 2 - Tantros
• Mars
• Moon
• Blocks of planets
• Slabs
• Full staging of the NASA workbench
• Oxygen cylinders
• Galactic map (unfinished)
• Some more things
• Improved API
• Some crafts

SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft)
SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft)
SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft)
SpacesCraft Mod (Galacticraft)


SpacesCraft is a Minecraft PE Mod started on April 10, 2022 that adds various gadgets, batteries, dimensions and planets. This mod is mostly based on Galacticraft 4, along with exclusive items, redesigned and improved interfaces.

SpacesCraft Mod
SpacesCraft Mod

Some technical info:

This mod combines 2 integrations: Industrial Craft 2 & Classic UI. It has cosmic and advanced energy (spaces joule and strength joule). If you don't have Sj or StJ or Eu generators then you can power devices with RF energy.

How to install the SpacesCraft Mod?

1. Download the mod and InnerCore.
2. Open the mod using IC or move the mod to the IC mods folder.
3. Start the game.

Download SpacesCraft Mod for Minecraft PE


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