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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Cable Flux Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16 [IC]

Cable Flux Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16 [IC]

Cable Flux is a small but very useful add-on for IC modifications, using RF energy as a base. Having any generators, you can transport energy using these new cables without wasting energy units. There are 3 types of cables, each with different bandwidth. The better the cable, the more energy it can transport through itself.

By: Zeitheron
Ported by: NJJ


  • First Cable - 320 FE/tick
  • Second Cable - 3,200 FE/tick
  • The Last Cable - 320,000 FE/tick

Compatibility with IC mods:

There are quite a few mods for Minecraft PE running on Inner Core that use RF energy. The Cable Flux Mod supports some of them and acts as an add-on that brings cables as separate items without replacing anything else. Energy transportation is nevertheless possible from many sources and consumers including for example solar panels.

Cable Flux Mod for Minecraft PE
Cable Flux Mod for Minecraft PE

How to install the Cable Flux Mod?

1. Download and install Horizon.
2. Open the app and install the InnerCore pack.
3. Download the mod and add it using the launcher.

Download Cable Flux Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16


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