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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » BuildCraft PE Mod v1.0.3 Beta for Minecraft PE [IC]

BuildCraft PE Mod v1.0.3 Beta for Minecraft PE [IC]

BuildCraft PE forms a large system of mechanisms, machines, engines, pipes, gears and tools, which is of great importance for the extraction of resources in Minecraft PE. Similar to Thaumcraft PE for the magic world, BuildCraft PE is going to be something like it but for interacting with materials and mining.

By: CovertJaguar
Ported by: savenkons

Changelog v1.0.3 Beta:

- Added Chinese translation
- Fixed items dropping out of pipes
- Improved integration with mods supporting StorageInterface such as IC2PE, Forestry PE, Iron Chests

A few words about BuildCraft PE:

This mod is a ported version for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and for today it is a rewritten update with new technologies. Note that it is not possible to add all components at once, including mechanisms with blueprints, tools and pipes.

In the first version, it was decided to pay attention to transport pipes. Due to the small amount of time for testing the mod, I cannot guarantee that each of them will work correctly. On the other hand, no bugs were identified with them during testing.


Creative Engine: Used in creative mode, it allows you to set the amount of energy output.

Redstone Engine: A base engine that produces little power but is powered by a simple redstone signal.

BuildCraft PE Mod for Minecraft PE
BuildCraft PE Mod for Minecraft PE


Wooden Transport Pipe: Used to pull items out of blocks with inventory (chests, furnaces, etc.). This type of pipe requires engines to operate.

Cobblestone Transport Pipe: A pipe that serves to transport items. Has a rough surface, so the speed of movement of objects decreases quickly. Does not require energy. Cannot connect with stone and quartz transport pipe.

Stone Transport Pipe: Smoother than the cobblestone pipe, the speed of objects remains longer. Does not require energy. Cannot connect with cobblestone and quartz transport pipe.

Iron Transport Pipe: A pipe that changes the direction of movement of objects. The direction is adjusted by pressing on it with a wrench.

Gold Transport Pipe: A pipe that is designed to speed up the movement of objects.

Diamond Transport Pipe: A pipe designed for sorting items. According to the color, the object is directed in one of 6 directions.

Obsidian Transport Pipe: A pipe designed to pick up thrown objects. Picks up the items falling directly on it. Used on various farms for picking up drops. If you connect an engine to it, then picking up the drop (on a horizontal surface) will be with an area of 3 by 3 blocks with the pipe in the center.

Sandstone Transport Pipe: A pipe that only connects to other pipes. It is not connected to blocks with inventory (furnaces, crafting tables). They are mainly used when it is necessary to place a pipe next to a machine it should not be connected to which, also for connecting stone and cobblestone transport pipes.

Void Transport Pipe: A pipe designed to remove trash. Everything that gets into this pipe disappears from the world forever.

Quartz Transport Pipe: Twice as smooth as stone pipe. Items transported inside don't slow down.

BuildCraft PE Mod
BuildCraft PE Mod

Some Crafting Recipes:


How to install the BuildCraft PE Mod?

0. This is an InnerCore mod which means you need the Horizon Launcher. This works on Android only!
1. Download and install Horizon.
2. Open the app and install the InnerCore pack.
3. Download the mod and add it using the launcher.

Download BuildCraft PE Mod v1.0.1 Beta for Minecraft PE
Download BuildCraft PE Mod v1.0.3 Beta for Minecraft PE


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