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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Scuba Diving Addon v4.0 for MCPE 1.16/1.20+

Scuba Diving Addon v4.0 for MCPE 1.16/1.20+

Start scuba diving today by installing this addon for MCPE 1.16 (1.20 now). As you know, there are not many ways to explore the depths of the oceans safely and in style. Usually this is a primitive use of underwater breathing and night vision potions and then you just dive into the water trying to get the loot as quickly as possible. With this add-on you will receive real scuba diving equipment, which is the most essential element for underwater life.

By: Lake Resulylmz

Changelog v4.0:

- Fixes

Changelog v3.0:

- Fixes
- Completely updated for Minecraft 1.20

Scuba Set you get:

• Scuba Diving Masks
• Orange Stick
• Wetsuit
• Scuba Fins
• Scuba Air Tank

Scuba Diving Addon
Scuba Diving Addon

How do I get the scuba equipment?

In general, there are the following recipes if you are playing survival and want to get the whole set in an honest way. Alternatively, you can use /function cc to see the commands for instantly getting the set.

Diving Features:

By donning the entire diving suit, you will greatly increase your swimming speed, see in the dark and be underwater without oxygen. So you can easily explore underwater structures and also deal with opponents such as the drowned more safely.

Crafting Recipes:

How to install the Scuba Diving Addon?

1. Download the file and open it using MCPE.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Scuba Diving Addon v1.0 for MCPE 1.16+
Download Scuba Diving Addon v3.0 for MCPE 1.20+
Download Scuba Diving Addon v4.0 for MCPE 1.20+


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