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Graves Addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16/1.17

After a ridiculous death, you, like any player, are looking for a way to quickly return back and take all the loot you lost. But how quickly can you get to the place of your previous death? With a high probability, you simply will not have time to do this and after a while all the loot will disappear. Graves Addon solves the problem of missing items in Minecraft PE by introducing a new feature.

By: Hatchibombotar

Player Graves by Amon28:

A grave is formed after you die, but the difference is that you get the keys to your grave after you spawn. This will protect your belongings from griefers if you are playing multiplayer.

Player Graves by Amon28
Player Graves by Amon28
Player Graves by Amon28

StoneTombs by SystemTv:

The purpose of the addon by SystemTv has not changed - after your death, you receive the coordinates and the key that opens your grave. As soon as you open it, your things will come back to you. Meanwhile, the addon is multiplayer friendly and will help you not only keep things from disappearing, but also from being stolen by other players.

Changelog v3.0:

- Minecraft PE 1.17.11 support
- Grave key has a teleportation feature
- New subpacks


Graves Addon by SyKoSoFi:

The addon performs the same function of saving your resources after death, but with the display of the nickname of the player. Minecraft PE 1.16.200 support is included.

Graves Addon
Graves Addon
Graves Addon

Grave after death:

Now you can worry less about storing your stuff after death. Once you've fallen and critically damaged or got into a fight with a creature that is too strong, don't worry about the loot you get. Dying anywhere, the grave will appear right at the place of your death.

Graves Addon for Minecraft Bedrock
Graves Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

All things inside:

Graves Addon has some differences in the way of storage, or rather the way of picking up items. If outdated grave add-ons give items back only if you break a grave, then today's one is taking a different path. Just tap on the grave to open it and take back whatever you have lost.

Graves Addon
Graves Addon

How it works:

How to install the Graves Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Graves Addon by Hatchibombotar for Minecraft BE 1.16
Download Graves Addon by SyKoSoFi for Minecraft BE 1.16
Download StoneTombs by SystemTv v2.0 for Minecraft BE 1.17
Download StoneTombs by SystemTv v3.0 for Minecraft BE 1.17
Download Player Graves by Amon28 for Minecraft BE 1.17


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