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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Brewing Mod for Minecraft PE [IC]

Brewing Mod for Minecraft PE [IC]

Minecraft Bedrock has no alcoholic drinks at all and if you don't mind drinking some beer then add the Brewing Mod to your mods. The modification adds the mechanics of brewing and unique effects of drunkenness. From this day on, you are a real brewer!

By: germantutuev

Brewing Basics:

To get started, craft a barrel (8 wood), put it down and fill with buckets of water (full barrel = 16 buckets), then put wheat in it (1 for every 2 buckets of water) until you see that the process has begun.

Brewing Mod for Minecraft PE
When the beer is brewed, craft a faucet (5 iron), a beer table (4 planks and 3 wood) and a beer mug (1 iron, 4 planks), put a faucet on the side of the barrel, place a table with a mug under it (the mug can be placed on the table only).

To pour beer into a mug tap on the faucet; to drink beer tap on the mug. Beer gives strength and regeneration, but it also shakes the screen. This effect is stronger and longer, the more beer was drunk at one time. Brewing Mod does not cause alcohol addiction.

How to install the Smooth Minimap Mod? [Inner Core]

1. Download and install Horizon (necessary launcher).
2. Open the Horizon app and install the InnerCore pack (via ModBrowser).
3. Download the mod and unzip it to: /games/horizon/packs/Inner_Core/innercore/mods/ or use the ModBrowser library.

Download Brewing Mod for Minecraft PE


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