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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Realistic Movements Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13+

Realistic Movements Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13+

The common name for these animations is Mo' Bends which has gained immense popularity on Minecraft PC. Since then, the mod has been converted to an addon and got some pocket features working on Minecraft PE 1.13 both Android and iOS.

By: Sprintermax

What is Mo 'Bends?

This is one of the best realistic movement mods for Java. The addon introduced in this post is called Realistic Movements but it bears exactly the same features except for a less extensive animation list. Basic movements are saved and added in this version so you can perform ordinary actions in a different way.

Which movements are added?

Hand movements

Realistic Movements Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13
Realistic Movements Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13

Realistic movements vs Original:

So what is the point of this addon if it does not affect the game? The fact is that realism in Minecraft Bedrock is a big separate topic that is becoming more and more daily. In this case, instead of the usual rectilinear movements, you get realistic waving with arms and legs, more like if physical laws were added to the game.

This is not the final version and the addon will evolve becoming more and more like the legendary Mo' Bends. If you want to learn how to dance, move like Fortnite players or kick your head, then go to the Emotions Addons adapted for the latest versions of MCPE.

What does it look like?

How to install the Realistic Movements Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.

Download Realistic Movements Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13/1.14


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