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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Ultimate Ore Mod for MCPE

Ultimate Ore Mod for MCPE

Instead of new ores, Ultimate Ore Mod adds one that consists of all at once. That is, conventional mining is typical ores: one block means one type of ore or rock, but not in the case of this mod. From this moment, the mines and underground ore deposits will receive another block with a very complex name. It consists of diamonds and gold, as well as lapis lazuli, coal and redstone.

Ported by: zayne.youtube

What does the Ultimate Ore look like?

This is a normal block with typical sizes and shapes. This ore can only be mined underground and its generation is approximately equal to diamond but with a rarer chance. Having broken such a block, you can get one or more elements at once. It is very nice to find such a block and get some ores.

The outer sides of the block display the above elements. One side is gold, on the other it is redstone, coal and diamonds. The Ultimate Ore also enhances your experience and is no different from ordinary blocks.

Ultimate Ore Mod for MCPE
Ultimate Ore Mod for MCPE
Ultimate Ore Mod for MCPE

How to install the Ultimate Ore Mod?

1. Download the mod and InnerCore.
2. Open the mod using IC or move the mod to the IC mods folder.
3. Start the game.

Download Ultimate Ore Mod for Minecraft PE


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