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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Working Drills Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13

Working Drills Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13

This is a great success if you have mining drills used by professional miners instead of picks and hand tools. Such drills are an integral part of many industrial mods such as Industrial Craft 2 for example. The purpose of drills is that using them as automated machines you no longer need to craft a pick and dig a mine.

By: real_cr21

Drill Types:

Wood one digs up an area equal to 1x1. Use it for small output if you need a few blocks or a dug hole. The next type is a stone drill whose zone is 3x3. This is three times more than the wood one, so the hole will be much larger. Next are iron and gold with 5x5 and 7x7 and the final one is diamond with a gigantic area of 9x9.

Working Drills Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13
Working Drills Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13
Working Drills Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13
Depending on the tasks, choose the right drill and also prepare a place for mining. It is better to use drills near the hills on a flat surface. An average drill will give you all the ores you need while you enjoy your hobby.

How to use the drills:

For the drill to work, you will need keys that activate each drill separately. It contains all the loot collected in the chest above. After each mining, empty the chest taking everything from there.

Working Drills Addon
Working Drills Addon

Crafting recipes:

How it works?

How to install the Working Drills Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.

Download Working Drills Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13


Isaac (3 February 2020 16:38)
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Raúl (3 October 2019 16:21)
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Jhonnaiker (20 September 2019 07:50)
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I recommend you add a form of fuel because now they are very op
Liz (17 September 2019 16:41)
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No puedo poner él taladro en él piso o como lo pongo
Leonardo90 (6 September 2019 09:47)
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Tesgft is a que te llamas hgdew/wsxxcctttt

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